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J Club

Grades 5–8
Saturday nights, once a month, October–June
Events and times will be announced one month prior to each event.
J Club is an inclusive social club for children in grades 5-8. It is designed to provide fun, social opportunities in a structured, supportive environment. Trained staff assist children in navigating through challenging social interactions and engaging in meaningful relationships. Events are planned on a monthly basis and vary from activities at the JCCNV to outings in the community. For more information, contact Aryn Cahen.
Fee:      $30 per event


Going Places!

Teens: Ages 14–18
Young Adults: Ages 18–26
Adults: Ages 26+
Sundays, once a month
Contact, 703.537.3040 for more information or to join our events contact list.
The J and the Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA) present social clubs for teens, young adults, and adults diagnosed with Level 1 Autism Spectrum Disorder (formerly Asperger’s syndrome and PDD-NOS). The club provides social opportunities in a structured and supportive environment with guidance from professionally trained staff to help participants gain confidence and improve their overall comfort in social situations. A variety of outings (including parties, bowling, dinners, mini golf, and community service) are scheduled year-round. Events are led by the J’s Resource Specialist Melissa Hochberg, M. Ed, and JSSA’s Sarah Adair, MSW.
Fee: $30 per event

This program is partially supported by a J teen Philanthropy grant.


Social InNOVAtions

For college students
Monthly, dates and times TBA
Contact:,  703.537.3040
The J and JSSA, in conjunction with NVCC, present a social club for college students of all abilities. The club provides social opportunities in a supportive environment with guidance from professionally trained staff who work with participants on improving social skills and their overall comfort in social situations. Events may include games, bowling, parties, dinners, and much more!
Fee: $20 per event

This is a joint program of JCCNV, JSSA, and NVCC made possible through a grant by LifeCircle Alliances.


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