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Personal Training

Personal Training and Fitness Packages

For more information about the JCCNV personal training programs, or to set up a free consultation, contact

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Five 30-minute sessions for $199
Special terms apply (30 days, for first-time users only) 

Five 60-minute sessions for $299
Special terms apply (30 days to use, for first-time users only) 



One-on-One Personal Training

60- or 30-minute sessions
Is your workout a little dull or not giving you the desired results? Let the J’s staff of certified Personal Trainers create a new individualized program that is both exciting and challenging. Our trainers will inspire you to become more fit and have fun in the process. Choose from 60-minute sessions or 30-minute sessions. 


60-minute individual sessions: 

  • 3 Sessions @ $90: $270 
  • 5 Sessions @ $80: $400 
  • 10 Sessions @ $70: $700

30-minute individual sessions: 

  • 3 Sessions @ $50: $150
  • 5 Sessions @ $45: $225 
  • 10 Sessions @ $40: $400 


Specialized Packages 

Looking to get better at your current skill? Interested in trying something new? Need to get stronger in a specific area of your body? Our new specialized personal training packages are the perfect choice to refine a skill or improve your strength in a targeted area! In addition to our Sports Enhancement Training packages, we now offer several new packages to meet the needs of all individuals and athletes. All packages are available for members and nonmembers, and can accommodate groups of up to four people unless otherwise stated. 

Small Group Training

Get the benefit of working with a certified personal trainer in an individualized environment — at reduced individual rates! These 60-minute training sessions are catered to your group’s interests, goals, and needs. Packages are designed to be progressive programs that build upon skills learned each week. If you’re looking for the benefits of personal training (one-on-one attention, specific programs catered to your needs, injury prevention, and a progressive exercise prescription), and you want the social setting of a group exercise class, this package is for you! 

Examples of training packages include: 

  • Body Awareness 
  • Strength and Conditioning 
  • Weightlifting 
  • Bodybuilding 
  • Martial Arts 
  • Athletic Conditioning 
  • Aqua Group Training 
  • Circuit Training 
  • Event Training (run, swim, bike, triathlon, obstacle course event) 
  • Outdoor Training 
  • Bulgarian Bag
  • TRX Suspension Training

Includes ten 60-minute sessions and must be completed in 10 weeks.

Fee per person: 

Group of 3–4: $450/ $350 member 

Group of 5–6: $400/ $300 member 

Group of 7–10: $350/ $250 member 


Adults 65+: Assessment and Exercise Rx

Designed for adults 65+ who have little fitness knowledge or are new to exercise. This program allows participants to work with a certified fitness coach and includes a fitness evaluation for aerobic capacity, muscle strength, and body flexibility and a personalized fitness plan based on individual test results. 

Fee: $170/ $140 member (Fee includes evaluation test, workout plan, and three 30-minute sessions with a certified fitness coach.)


Fitness-Room Training*
11–13 year olds work one-on-one with a certified Trainer. They learn to use the equipment and develop an exercise and training program to improve health, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

*This class is required in order for 11–13 year olds to use the fitness center. 
This training is for individuals only, and includes five 45-minute sessions with a certified Trainer. 

Fee: $275/ $225 member

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