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About the Early Childhood Learning Center

(JCCNV ECLC – Preschool – Fairfax, VA)

Licensed childcare from 6 weeks–4 years old
Licensed preschool for 2–4 years old

Part-time: 9am-1pm, Monday-Friday
Full-time: 7:30-6pm, Monday-Friday

Extended Day options available with Part-time enrollment

JCCNV's Early Childhood Learning Center is a licensed preschool and child care facility that provides a safe and loving environment for children two to five years old. Our program emphasizes joyful Jewish experiences and values, and a connection to community. Our school follows a Reggio Emilia-based philosophy and involves the children as an active part of their own learning and the direction it takes. Our nurturing Educators use a developmental approach to understanding children's abilities and enabling them to gain confidence and independence.

Our Philosophy of Learning

The Early Childhood Learning Center strives to help each child grow as an individual. We emphasize the development of self-confidence and a positive self-image. Our activities provide experiences to foster social skills and emotional maturity, as well as promote and strengthen cognitive and physical growth. Play is a child’s work. Play provides the opportunity for children to explore their world, find out how to get along with others, strengthen their muscles, try new activities, build self-confidence, and enhance self-esteem. Play is how the young child develops the necessary skills and social competencies that will be needed as he/she grows and matures.

Our teaching philosophy follows a Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy that is based on the following ideas:

  • Children have a say over the direction of their learning
  • Children are able to learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing and hearing
  • Children have a relationship with other children and material items to explore
  • Children have endless ways and opportunities to express themselves

Our philosophy involves an emergent curriculum that builds on the interests of the children. Topics of study are chosen through discussion/observations of children, community or family events, interests of the children, and Educator-directed provocations. The curriculum provides hands-on learning experiences, areas for children to experiment with the natural world, and real-life problem-solving with opportunities for creative thinking and exploring.

We consider creativity and learning part of the same process. When children actively and intently explore an object or an idea, they take part in creating their own knowledge. Educators serve as resources to, and researchers of, the learning process by asking thought-provoking questions, offering materials to explore, creating inviting classroom environments (the environment is thought of as the third teacher behind Educators and parents), and documenting the childrens' work for reflection and communication purposes.

JCCA Sheva Early Learning Framework

An intregal part of the program is building a foundation for a positive Jewish identity. The JCCNV ECLC is participating in the JCCA Sheva Early Learning Framework. This Framework is a basis for the continued education of the children in our program which builds upon the foundations already in place through the Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy. Core principles include:

  • The value of children as constructivist learners including the concept of kavod (respect) for each child’s ability to think for himself/herself
  • Early childhood directors as visionaries — our professional staff has the chochma (wisdom) to make sound decisions for their population
  • The importance of early childhood educators as professionals — through learning communities and attending conferences and workshops, our educators develop ahavat limud (a love of learning) for themselves and their students
  • A focus on families as engaged partners — opportunities are provided throughout the year to build kehillah (community) between our families and staff
  • The concept of the environment as inspiration for inquiry — spaces are intentionally designed to encourage curiosity, intellectual engagement, and creativity
  • Emphasis on the Jewish value of sh’mirat ha’guf (taking care of our bodies) through nutrition and exercise
  • Further learning about Israel to educate our students and their families about the story of the Jewish people

2017–2018 Registration

The ECLC is a year-round school and runs on a 10 or 12 month tuition schedule. Priority Registration for the 2017-2018 school year began December 19, 2016 and registration will open to the public on February 1, 2017. The first day of the 2017-2018 school year is August 28, 2017. Admissions are on a first-come, first-served basis. Click here to download our 2017-2018 Registration Packet which includes policies, hours and pricing information.

For more information, please contact

Please note: A JCCNV Family Membership is required for attendance and must begin at least 30 days prior to your child's first day in the program. Families interested in enrollment for the current school year are encouraged to schedule a visit by contacting, 703.537.3051. 


2018-2019 Registration

Registration opens to the public on January 29, 2018 (first come, first served).    

Announcement: ECLC March Madness Registration Sale
If you, or someone you know wants to register for the J's Early Childhood Learning Center, now is a great time to do so! Any new family registering during March Madness Month will score $250 off their first month’s tuition! 

Contact Juliana Quinteros-Mian, 703.537.3016 for information or to schedule a tour.

Applications are available from any ECLC Administrator and at If you wish to have the 2018-2019 registration form emailed directly to you, please email Families interested in enrolling in the ECLC are encouraged to schedule a visit by contacting, 703.537.3016 for our Fairfax program and for our Alexandria program.


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