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Together we have now raised over $6,412,756 to support the Our J. Our Community. Our Future. Capital Campaign. Thank you for your support. Every gift makes a difference as we work towards our goal...

Canopy Construction Begins - Last Minute Reminders
Canopy, Locker Rooms & Sauna Update

You did it!

Challenge Update - More than Halfway to our Goal!

Challenge Update - Happy Chanukah!

Double Your Impact in December!
Get Ready to Dive in!

Ready. Set. Go!
Spotlight on J Staff
Cultural Center Officially Named
New Building Signage
Adult Lounge Hearing Loop
September 25 Campaign Community Event
Completed Projects
Projects Underway 



Friday, February 16: Front Entrance Canopy Construction begins Monday!

Anticipation is building as construction of the front entrance canopy begins on Monday. Please remember the parking and entrance changes (see previous update below) as well as new information about traffic flow.

The front entrance will be closed to members, guests, and staff during construction. 

New Traffic Pattern
To accommodate for the closure of the front entrance, a new pedestrian path will be established along the sidewalk and along the edge of the traffic circle. Please drive cautiously as you enter and exit the parking lot to ensure safety for all.

Please note that a condition of the new traffic pattern is that the AM and PM buses will be loading and unloading children at the east entrance (ECLC) instead of the front entrance.

Minimizing Disruption
In order to keep everyone up to date as we progress, there will be a special "Construction Zone" section in each week's "What's Hot" email blast as well as additional real time communication as needed. 

Thank You! While we work diligently to be as prepared as possible, we also recognize the need for agility, flexibility, and adaptability during this construction undertaking. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we travel this exciting journey together!




Two Capital Improvement Projects Coming Very Soon (read on for important changes...)

What an exciting time to be at the J! While our Capital Campaign is still going strong, we want to make you aware of two major Capital Improvement Projects that will begin in the near future and prepare you for the impact they will have on daily operations for our members and guests.

Beginning on or about February 19th, the first of these projects, the installation of the entrance canopy, is scheduled to begin. The new canopy will provide members with protection from the elements while entering our building, and will be part of our new front entrance plan with enhanced curbside appeal and signage. The timeframe for this project is estimated to last 6-8 weeks, during which the front entrance will be closed to members, guests, and staff. 

Beginning February 19th, the west parking lot (between the J and the fire station) will be utilized for construction staging, vehicles, deliveries, and construction personnel only. All members, guests, and staff will be directed to park in the larger, east lot during this time. There will be directional signage onsite to this effect. Please note: the handicapped parking spaces in the front of the building will remain  accessible for those who have authorized plates or hang tags.

Points of Entry
There will be two entrance points to the J during this construction phase; one on the east side of the building near the Early Childhood wing, and one on the west side of the building through the west playground. 

The west entrance  will be the primary entry point for all members, guests, staff, and deliveries. There will be front desk, as well as security personnel, stationed at this entrance during all hours of operation. All members will continue to need to show J membership ID badges to enter. Members forgetting their ID badges, or guests visiting the J, will be asked to sign in as is currently standard procedure. 

Between 7:30am-9:30am, and again between 4pm-6pm, the doors on the east side of the building will be open and staffed with front desk and security personnel to receive parents and children from the ECLC and the BASE program for pick-up and drop-off. This entrance will be limited to only these program participants during these times. All families must remember to have member ID cards ready and should be prepared to sign in at the temporary desk should the badge be forgotten. Any ECLC/BASE parent who arrives outside of one of these time frames will be required to use the primary entrance located on the west side of the building. Program specific communication will be forthcoming from the Early Childhood Services and School-Age Services departments for all families participating in the ECLC or BASE programs.

Following soon after the canopy project gets underway, the next new and exciting Capital Improvement Project will begin - the renovation of our locker rooms and the installation of our new saunas! 

This work will start with the closure of the current men's locker room. We are currently constructing a temporary shower room for the men to use during this closure. This temporary shower space will be completed prior to the closing of men's locker room. We will provide updates on this timing to give our male members time to remove any personal belongings from the current locker room facility prior to closure. In addition to temporary shower construction, there will be temporary portable toilet facilities available for use by men during this construction phase, as well as the option of using the family changing room located on the pool deck offering ADA compliant shower and toilet facilities.The women's locker room will remain open and usable during this phase. 

Once the renovation of the current men's locker room space is completed, it will  become the new women's locker room. The women will transition from their former locker room to this new and beautifully renovated space and then, the former women's locker room will close for its own renovation. The men will continue to utilize the temporary shower room and facilities during this time. This entire undertaking will take the better part of the next few months and while we recognize that may sound like a long time, rest assured that the final result will be well worth the wait and the minor inconveniences along the way.

Minimizing Disruption

We at the J want to assure you that we are working behind the scenes to create contingency plans for operational functioning during this bi-modal construction phase. Our goal is to minimize disruption to member activities and plan for unforeseen circumstances. Signage is being created to aid in our communication efforts and to assist members. In order to keep everyone up to date as we progress, there will be a special "Construction Zone" section in each week's  "What's Hot" email blast as well as additional real time communication as needed. 

While we work diligently to be as prepared as possible, we also recognize the need for agility, flexibility, and adaptability that is required during any construction undertaking. We ask everyone to join with us in this exciting time and to partner with us in patience during this "Pardon Our Dust" renovation period - the result of our collective Capital Campaign efforts. Please feel free to provide feedback and/or suggestions along the way about ways in which we might serve you better.  

These are just the first two Capital Projects in the queue for 2018. There is much ahead to look forward to with the new Smith-Kogod Cultural Arts Center and Fitness Center addition. As stated in the beginning, this is certainly an exciting time to be at the J - and the future is looking terrific!



You did it!

Because of you, and so many others in our community, $100,000 has turned into $200,000 and more! We wholeheartedly thank our anonymous donor for this extraordinary leadership gift, and we thank you for your generous support in meeting the challenge. 

While we reached the goal for the $100,000 challenge, the Capital Campaign is not yet complete. Every gift brings us closer to fully funding all of the Campaign elements, planned, in process or completed, including: the Smith-Kogod Cultural Arts Center; a brand new fitness facility; renovated locker rooms and saunas; weather-protective canopy; an updated playground; retractable theater seats for the auditorium; and resources for new community engagement programs. These projects are far reaching and will position the J to meet the ever-changing needs of our community: today, tomorrow, and for many years to come.

Now, during the final days of December, if your tax planning has you considering end-of-year charitable contributions, please consider a new - or additional gift - to the J's Capital Campaign or in support of the J's Annual Fund. 

Together, we are turning exciting dreams into reality. Together, we are investing in our J, our community, and our future.




Challenge Update - More than halfway to our Goal!

More than $65,000 raised so far!

THANK YOU! We are more than halfway through the challenge period and MORE than halfway to our goal! As we prepare to light tonight's fourth Chanukah candle, we are grateful to the 54 donors who have contributed gifts of all sizes to help us meet this challenge. From Alexandria to Gainesville to Reston -  as well as Atlanta, Columbus, and that far away place called Rockville - individuals and families are doubling the impact of their year-end contributions. Please consider joining them with your own gift to the Capital Campaign.



Challenge Update - Happy Chanukah!

More than $40,000 raised so far!

THANK YOU to the generous community members who have supported this challenge. We've got three weeks to reach our goal. We can do it...keep those gifts coming!


Double Your Impact in December!

We’ve been challenged to turn $100,000 into $200,000! An anonymous donor will match all gifts* to the Capital Campaign – dollar for dollar – up to $100,000!


Construction begins very soon on a beautiful canopy for our front entrance, so we will be highlighting this project throughout the challenge. Your gift combines with others to fund this project as well as the others making significant improvements in the areas of ARTS and FITNESS, and COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT INITIATIVES throughout our Jewish community of Northern Virginia.

The Challenge runs from #GivingTuesday, November 28, through the end of the year. Please give generously and let your tax-deductible donation be doubled! Visit our 100K Capital Campaign Challenge page.

*All new donations to the Campaign will count towards this matching gift challenge. Payments on existing Campaign pledges do not qualify.


Get Ready to Dive In!

If you've come to the J recently, you probably have noticed some construction going on at the pool. This renovation will see new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems; new lighting; fresh paint; and the installation of a new pool deck.  These changes will make huge improvements to the pool environment, air quality, and aesthetic appeal.

This project, along with the many other Capital improvement projects in the works, are investments in your J experience. Stay tuned for exclusive updates! 


Ready. Set. Go!

For those visiting the J every day, you can see the progress we've already made as we get closer to actualizing our Campaign goals. Coming soon, you'll see even more of these exciting changes taking place - starting right at our front door!

In the next few months, construction will begin on a brand new, weather protective canopy above the J's entrance. No more trying to outrun the rain! We believe this upgrade will be one of many to enhance our building's curb appeal. More importantly, we want to improve the experience of our members and guests as they walk into our building. Along with other improvements, the entrance will host a new, redesigned Walk of Honor.

In addition, make way for a state-of-the-art makeover to the locker rooms. You'll see increased space, more privacy, and upgraded amenities. The current men's and women's locker rooms will switch places, which will provide additional space in the women's locker room for an all-new vanity area, perfect for touch-ups to that post-swim hair. The new locker rooms will have separated wet and dry areas and come with attached saunas! The HVAC system in the locker rooms and the pool deck will be overhauled to improve the air quality.  

As our guests are greeted by our new entrance and refreshed locker rooms, they will be reminded of our commitment to providing comfortable and inspiring spaces where they can achieve their goals, enrich their lives, and make lasting connections. All this is made possible by your investment. 

Todah rabah (thank you) for being a key part of this transformative initiative. Together it is Our J. Our Community. Our Future.

Spotlight on the Staff!

staff photo

Those who come to the J or attend our programs throughout the community know that our staff is passionate. Whether they're fostering life skills and confidence in children; entertaining through cultural arts; helping people stay mentally and physically fit; or providing extra support so that those with challenges are included in our programs, our staff treat J members and guests as family.

That's why more than 40 staff members have already contributed more than $105,700 to the Our J. Our Community. Our Future. Capital Campaign. They know that more comfortable and inspiring space will enhance programs in our building and new programming will help even more people feel connected to the J community.

As the Co-Chairs of the Capital Campaign, we want to send a special "thank you" to the staff for the excellence they provide to the programs that bring community members together every day and for their investments in the future of the J. 

Cultural Center Officially Named

The renovated "White House" will now be called "The Smith-Kogod Cultural Arts Center."


The Smith-Kogod Cultural Arts Center will provide sophisticated space for small to mid-sized performances, receptions, and meetings along with a dance studio, rehearsal space and a dairy catering kitchen. Thanks to visionary donors like the Smith-Kogod family, the J will continue to provide the quality programs and services in Northern Virginia for years to come.

Construction begins spring of 2017.

New Building Signage

The next time you are here at the J checkout our new wayfinding and room signage! Modern signage helps direct people throughout the building in a clear consistent way with directional signs, room numbers and dedications.




The Adult Lounge now offers a hearing loop for our hard of hearing guests 

How it works: A hearing loop, also known as an induction or audio loop, provides a magnetic, wireless signal that is picked up by the hearing aid when it is set to the "T-coil" (Telecoil) setting. When a hearing aid user selects the "T-coil" setting; he or she can pick up the sounds spoken into our PA system's microphone instead of the hearing aid's internal microphone. The listener receives a clear signal without any background noise. Neckloops are available for those without hearing aids or telecoils.

This upgrade to the Adult Lounge audio presentation is a project of the J Capital Campaign.


September 25 Campaign Community Event

On a gorgeous Sunday, on September 25, 2016, the JCCNV launched the community phase of its OUR J. OUR COMMUNITY. OUR FUTURE. Capital Campaign. The air was filled with excitement as more than 75 volunteers helped educate the community about the key elements of the $6.5 million Campaign that will make major investments in Arts, Fitness, and Community Engagement initiatives.

Remarks were given by Scott Brown, JCCNV President; Penny Gross, Mason District Supervisor & Vice Chair, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors; Steve Rakitt, Chief Executive Officer, The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington; and Jeff Dannick, JCCNV Executive Director.

Following the groundbreaking ceremony by the Campaign leadership and Shehechiyanu (prayer said to celebrate special occasions), a Campaign Champagne Toast recognizing the campaign's success to date (it has already raised more than $5.5 million towards its $6.5 million goal) and a vibrant and robust future for the J and for the Jewish community in Northern Virginia.

Here are highlight photos from the community event.



Completed Projects:

Renovations of the JCCNV lobby, upstairs Women and Men's bathrooms, and the Bodzin Art Gallery.



Projects that are underway:

In the community:
The j.family ambassadors program is proactively connecting to families who are choosing to raise their children Jewishly. Click here to read an article describing the program that recently appeared in Washington Jewish Week.


The JCCNV Cultural Center

Are you wondering what the inside of the old JCCNV building - the "white house" - looks like? Here's a quick look!



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