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The 8 Best Jewish Instagram Pages

Renee Eder on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Millennials love Instagram, while Gen X'ers like me still love Facebook. I thought I'd take a look to see what all the fuss was about, and now, I am hooked on Instagram, as well! I can see why even before the photo-sharing application was bought by Facebook, it was already making waves among the masses, and now I'm one of them!

You may not realize, but fellow Jews have some fascinating Instagram accounts that are certainly worth checking out. A wide array of funny, cultural, delicious, religious and Israeli Instagram accounts have been established to illustrate what it means to be a Jew. While some use memes to relate Judaism to the modern world, others take a more traditional approach by documenting stories of the Jewish people, and sharing delicious recipes (I don't cook, but as you can tell on Facebook, I love a good recipe!)

Here’s our list of the ten best Jewish Instagram accounts out there. Note: We’ve refrained from mentioning political or news-related accounts.

1. I'll start with the most important IG account to follow, ours! (@jccnv):
If you aren’t following us already, we hope you will now! We fill your Instagram feed with only the best of the best of what's happening at the J, contests, pics, and more. You'll love it... trust me!

2. What Jew Wanna Eat
Amy Kritzer’s account, What Jew Wanna Eat, documents photos of your favourite Jewish nosh. Corned beef, shakshuka, bagels, lox and cream cheese, challah, donuts, gefilte fish, rugelach, hummus, falafel and matzo ball soup. Kritzer displays a smorgasbord of mouth-watering Jewish food to her 38,000+ followers. It’s also all kosher, which allows for some delicious recipe ideas.

3. Humans Of Judaism
A spin-off from Humans of New York, Humans of Judaism showcases Jews from across the globe with an emphasis on what Judaism and Israel means to them. With 117,000 followers, Humans of Judaism features many Jews’ captivating stories.

4. Crazy Jewish Mom
Make no mistakes, Crazy Jewish Mom is one of the funniest and most original accounts out there. The profile has over 785,000 followers who tune into the daily text conversations between Kate Friedman Siegel and her crazy Jewish mother. Kate’s mother prefers to go unnamed, though we do know that she refers to her daughter as “spawn.” Whether or not all the texts are real, the account emphasizes the quintessential Jewish stereotype (overbearing mothers), which is something we can all relate to, Jewish or not.

5. Visit_Israel
Do you love Israel? If so, this Instagram account is for you! Get updates on the latest events taking place in Israel, see pictures the most beautiful Israeli scenery, wet your appetite with delicious looking foodie photos, and imagine the sounds of the ocean while enjoying pictures of Israeli beaches.

6. Challahhub
Who doesn’t love Challah? We surely do! If you agree, this Instagram account with 11,700 followers will have you wishing for Friday night.

7. MitzvahMemes
Like the name implies, this one is for all the meme lovers out there! MitzvahMemes has all the memes you love. And are all about Judaism!

8. Seinfeld 2000
Still don’t want to come to terms with the fact that Seinfeld, an institution in Jewish comedy, is over? Neither do I. Seinfeld 2000 boasts 262,000 followers, and publishes an extensive variety of Seinfeld-related content. Seinfeld 2000 presents classic Seinfeld comedy, but updated for a 2018 audience.

Hope you enjoy these Instagram pages. Please comment if you have others to share! And, if you don't follow us already, please be sure to follow the J on Instagram at @jccnv. See you on Instagram and Facebook!

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