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Fitting Yoga into Your Schedule

Renee Eder on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Since the day I realized the many spiritual and health benefits of yoga, I’ve wanted to practice it daily. But the reality of fitting it into my busy schedule is something I have been wrestling with ever since. It still does not come easy, but knowing the positive outcomes to body and mind, I’m hoping to find a way to squeeze it in each week.

For most people, trying to fit a new habit, such as yoga, into your daily routine for longer than a few weeks can be difficult. These are a few motivational tips that I use for myself that I hope you will find helpful:

1. See it as a necessary part of your day:
One of the main barriers to yoga or any kind of exercise is, "I don't have enough time in the day." Yes, life is busy for many of us—especially if you're juggling caring for children or loved ones with work and projects. But, taking care of your body and mind is important, especially if you are caring for others — whether that's through daily yoga and meditation or some other practice to get your body moving.

2. Try to do yoga (or any type of exercise) at the same time every day:
After many years of trying to be flexible and fitting in yoga around the rest of my day, I have learned that this approach does not work well for me. It’s too easy to keep putting it off until "there is a better time” and then I end up not doing anything at all. When I do yoga at the same time every day I find it much easier to keep the daily habit.

So, what time is the best time to practice? For me, it is first thing in the morning. I am most likely to practice then and keep up with it then. After that, I can enjoy the benefits all day. Everybody is different though, and if after work or evenings are better for you, that’s fine too. Find your time slot and try as much as you can to stick with it.

When you do not have a schedule in place, your daily habits take over and again, it can be very difficult to bring something new into your daily routine. So, plan a time for yoga or meditation. Or better, find a class that you like and include it as part of your schedule.

3. Attend a class:
We now have several yoga classes at the J, which are designed to help you develop a regular habit of yoga by giving you a different variety to keep things fresh and interesting. Here are some options:

Sunset Yoga with DC Fray
Tuesdays, July 10-August 14, 7pm
Register here: https://dcfray.com/sport/yoga
Get zen as the sun sets! Bring your mats, and DC Fray will bring the FUN (& glow sticks.) Whether you've been doing Yoga for years or it's your first time, all levels are welcome. Register here

Therapeutic Yoga
Classes begin June 24
Registration is now open! Class sizes are limited to 5 per class.
This is a great class for those who have experienced neurological or autoimmune imbalances; are affected by chronic pain related to fibromyalgia, arthritis, Parkinson's disease, depression, or cancer or other chronic conditions; or want a gentler yoga to revive and heal you. Three classes are available. Contact Rebecca.Friedlander@jccnv.org for details.

PIER (Post Injury Exercise & Rehab) Program has begun.
The PIER program addresses post rehabilitation needs related to injuries and chronic issues. It will also be offered as the next step after physical therapy and occupational therapy. The PIER program is an aquatic program that can incorporate exercises on land. Types of conditions that will be addressed: Back and Joint pain, Fibromyalgia, Heart Disease, Major and Minor Stroke, Achilles Tendon Tears, Arthritis, Auto-immune Diseases, Diabetes, Sports Injuries, Cancer And others as needed. Contact Petya.Ivanova@jccnv.org for details.

We also offer What' SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga) on Wednesday nights and Saturdays! Learn more here: https://www.jccnv.org/group-fitness/class-schedule-descriptions-and-rates/

Hope to see you soon at a yoga class!

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