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How to Make the Passover Seder Fun and Meaningful for Everyone

Renee Eder on Tuesday, April 4, 2017


When many people think of Passover, long boring seders with kids asking “can we eat yet?” come to mind. I have found in my experience that it doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways to make the Passover seder both fun and meaningful, so that everyone is engaged and the tradition is passed along from generation to generation.

These are some ways to enliven your Passover seder:

  • Add props: Buy or make Passover props for the 10 plagues, 4 questions, and more. Have the kids help you make puppets and put on a little Passover puppet show.
  • Add Decorations and art work: Make your own seder plate with the kids, using crafting supplies, and use fun place cards either you or the kids make. Decorate the seder table. For example, I have seen Legos being used in a parting of the red sea scene on the seder table. How fun!
  • Have each person sign his or her haggadah: Each year, you can look back and see who has joined you in the past, offering an opportunity to recall funny stories and memories of past guests who can no longer be at your table. (If you’re not comfortable writing during the seder, ask people to sign them before the holiday festivities begin.)
  • Make a haggadah with your family: Assign everyone a page or section of the haggadah before the seder; adults and teenagers can be responsible for the text and children for the drawings. Then, collect and collate each section and make enough copies for all your participants.
  • Make some yummy Passover food: Passover does not equal bad food! Yes, some of the Passover food is pretty yucky, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out Facebook pages, such as Jewish Food, Jewish Food Experience, and Jewlish for some creative Passover recipes.
  • Use bright fruits and vegetables to brighten up the table: If you are feeling adventurous maybe try and create your own Passover recipe with colorful fruits and veggies.
  • Involve everyone: Assign everyone a section of the haggadah to study before they arrive.
  • Think about incorporating new traditions. Plenty of new seder ideas have cropped up over the last few years, including modern additions to the seder plate such as olives to represent peace in Israel, an orange to stand for women’s rights, a tomato to call attention to contemporary slavery, and/or a piece of pineapple to represent solidarity with refugees. You can include them or create your own traditions with your family!
  • Have more than one version of the haggadah at your seder: While most haggadot have the same essential elements, they may have specific themes, or include additional discussion questions. Some haggadot are also themed (I saw a Harry Potter one!), condensed for a shorter seder, or fun for children.

Happy Passover! Hope your family has a fun and meaningful seder.


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