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18 Creative Mishloach Manot (Purim Gift Basket) ideas

Renee Eder on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Purim is this weekend (beginning at sundown Saturday night and ending at sundown on Sunday!) That means fun, costumes, celebration, and mishloach manot (purim gift baskets)! Traditionally, mishloach manot contain two food items (from different food groups) and are sent to at least two friends. Over the years, mishloach manot have developed into sometimes more elaborate food packages that are sent to many friends and family in your community.

Mishloach Manot can be extra special and memorable. Here are a few ideas. Note that hamentaschen can and should be included in each one of these:

  1. Breakfast-Themed: Some people like to give out their mishloach manot first thing in the morning so that their package is waiting at the front door. Breakfast baskets can contain cereal, muffins, yogurt, bagels & lox, and more.
  2. For the over 21 crowd: Wine and cheese or beer and nuts
  3. For children or families with kids: Homemade cookies and milk
  4. British: Tea and scones
  5. Israeli: falafel balls, hummus, Israeli cookies and chocolate, and pita bread
  6. Greek: olives, tzatziki, pitas, and tapanades
  7. Jewish grandmother: A kugel, some kreplach or matzo ball soup, some whitefish salad, a challah, and a bottle of borscht and/or Manischewitz
  8. Mexican: chips, salsa, and a small bottle of tequila
  9. Italian: uncooked pasta, a bottle of sauce, and a small bottle of red wine
  10. American: a package of uncooked hotdogs, buns, ketchup, mustard, chips, and a couple cans of coke
  11. Chinese: a box of fortune cookies, some Chinese tea, some soup, and some crispy noodles that go into soup.
  12. Make your own hamentaschen basket: This can include dough, a triangle cookie cutter, and several hamentaschen fillings including fruit, jellies, and mun.
  13. One-color: red (Red Hots, strawberries, licorice, apples, etc.) or yellow (Lemonheads, lemonade, pineapple, yellow cake, etc.)
  14. Rainbow: Foods of each color of the rainbow, including those listed in #13, and rainbow hamentaschen!
  15. Things That Can Be Frozen: Chances are, lots of food is exchanging hands on Purim. People always appreciate something delicious they can eat later.
  16. Baseball: You can include peanuts, Cracker Jacks, baseball-shaped chocolates, beer, and any other game time favorites!
  17. Healthy snacks: You can include fruits, veggies, trail mix, and other healthy snacks!
  18. Donate to charity: There is lots of food floating around on Purim. Many families choose to donate to a charity instead of giving out dozens of mishloach manot.

Hope these ideas are helpful for your mishloach manot baskets. Hope everyone who celebrates has a Happy Purim!

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