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T-Shirts in the Gym- Part 2

Renee Eder on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I never thought about it until now, but, when I go to the gym, I typically wear Washington Nationals shirts, because I am a big fan and have lots of them, or shirts from my favorite bands from the 80’s including The Smiths or The Cure. What shirt do you wear most when you work out?

Last week, we learned about Dan Kubiske, a member at the J who sports a dinosaur shirt, and chats with other members about their cool and interesting t-shirts to learn more about them! Today, we will learn about four more members that Dan had the opportunity to talk to:


BJ wears a t-shirt that she bought in 1981 when she went to Zimbabwe with her husband, who at the time was her boyfriend. She wore it for a while and then put it in the closet because it didn’t fit anymore. Twenty-four years later, she took it out of the closet because she started working out at the J and lost 50lbs. Now the shirt fits again, and it is now her go-to shirt for working out at the J.
She works out at the J because she likes the warm and friendly environment and her family was among the founding members. So, according to BJ, she “was a member before it existed.” She always watched her husband and friends use the gym, and now she certainly makes use of it as well. According to BJ, “The J is so convenient and the fitness center had all the equipment I needed to get in shape. Now I keep coming to maintain my fitness goals and can’t wait until the J’s new fitness center is constructed to continue my journey!”
Marty Siepel

Marty bought his favorite workout shirt at the Smithsonian. He collects t-shirts from local historical sites, including Mt. Vernon and Monticello. Like me, he can also be seen sporting a Nats t-shirt and a Nats cap.  Go Nats! Marty loves coming to the J because he enjoys the pool!

Tex Blair

Tex’s t-shirt is from his grandson, who lives in New York City. It is the elementary school he goes to, and it is special because he gave it to Tex as a gift.

Tex enjoys the convenience of the J. He trains four times a week, with our trainers: twice with Jane Hansen, and twice with Matt Alvin.  He works out the remainder of the days using the machines and treadmill.

Betty Boyd

Betty’s shirt was given to her by a cancer survivor. She comes to the J because 18 years ago, she went into cardiac arrest. Once she started training, she enjoyed it very much, because according to Betty, “the people were wonderful.”  Betty is a Baptist, and calls herself a “Jewish Baptist,” because of how much she loves the J!

Hope you enjoyed this series about t-shirts at the J. Please send me a picture of your t-shirt and your story, and I may include it in future articles! As always, thanks for reading and for working out at the J.


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