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T-Shirts in the Gym- Part 1

Renee Eder on Monday, February 6, 2017

Dan Kubiske, a member at the J, is super-friendly and social, and makes it a point to talk to others who are working out in our gym, especially those with cool and interesting t-shirts! He realized that everyone has a story, and a good way to start a conversation and get to know someone is by asking about his or her shirt and what it means! In this series, we will explore some of the t-shirts that Dan has spotted, and discuss the meaning, as described by the J member who was wearing it!

First, we will start with Dan himself. This is his t-shirt:

Dan is a member at the J, who first joined for the pool and to expose his sons to educational programs about Jewish culture. He now uses the gym regularly with his wife, and our trainers, and is excited about the progress they are making.

His t-shirt is from one of his favorite NPR stations, WEMU, which is in his hometown of Ypsilanti, Michigan. WEMU broadcasts blues and jazz, as well as the regular NPR news. He has been listening to this station for about 13 years on three different continents.

Stuart Eder

Another person Dan talked to was none other than my father-in-law, Stuart Eder. Stuart is famous as the man on the treadmill on the J’s “Big Shlep” poster (you can see it around the J right about now). You can regularly see him (and my husband) in Cleveland Cavaliers (and Indians) t-shirts, because they are from Cleveland and still love the teams, despite living in this area for nearly 40 years! They were beyond thrilled when the Cavs won it all this past year. My father-in-law is kind and friendly, and is a regular at the J, and I can honestly say he is in better shape than most people in our family!

Grace Bae

Grace Bae has only been a member at the J for a few days, and she is already taking full advantage of all the gym has to offer. She explained to Dan how Urban Promise is a program in Wilmington, DE, designed to equip children and young adults with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, personal growth, and leadership.. Her sister worked there, and she "borrowed" the t-shirt from her!   

In future articles, I will share more of Dan’s photos and the stories behind them. If you are wearing a cool t-shirt in the J’s gym, and a friendly man comes up to you and asks about it, it’s probably Dan and you may see yourself in a future article! Hope to see you (in your favorite t-shirt) at the J!

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