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Why Secular New Year’s Resolutions May Be Unrealistic

Renee Eder on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Every year, on both the secular and Jewish new years, I make the same resolutions: to lose 20 lbs, exercise 4x a week, and eat less take out and more healthy home-cooked meals. I consider myself to be a trooper, that is, until the day after when I am snacking on Chinese takeout and postponing exercise until the next day. This is why I make the same resolutions every year on both holidays! Initially, they sound like good resolutions, but maybe they are just impractical? According to, here are some examples of how some of the most common secular resolutions might be unrealistic for many of us:

  • Reduce stress: To many of us, stress is a motivator! In fact, our tolerance for stress is biologically higher than any other creature found in nature. For many of us, the more stress, the more we and our dearest feel we’re “on the job.”
  • Spend More Time with Family & Friends: Over half of the U.S. population resolves to spend more time with loved ones. Jews have spent 3,500 years nailing this one. Many of us bring our 40-year-old children brisket, check-in twice a day, and wonder why they don’t call or visit more often.
  • Eat healthy/Lose those extra pounds. 66% of adults are overweight or obese. Eating healthy is important for everyone who is overweight so we can all live longer. But there is so much good Jewish food out there! I guess it’s true that we need to do everything (including eating bagels and lox and snacking on rugalach) in moderation.
  • Travel and enjoy life more: This is a good goal for many, especially if we have vacation time and like to travel. For many of us, however, our goal is to stay put. We’re happy with our home in the suburbs, where traveling consists of going to mom’s house in NY and an annual trip to the beach, at least until our children are grown or we are retired.

Get fit

Studies have shown that exercise helps us live longer, lowers blood pressure, is good for arthritis, makes us look better, and perks up our mood. There is no excuse not to get in shape, especially with the J right up the street, and this goes for everyone (including me!) This is why we have our “New Year, New You! Join. Commit. Come Get Fit.” January Specials!

  • Join the J in January and your registration fee will be waived ($75 value).
  • Join January 1st-7th to receive 20% off your membership dues.
  • Join January 8th-31st to receive 10% off your membership dues.

Why not enjoy all the fitness opportunities the J has to offer, including a 25-meter, heated, indoor pool, fitness center, personal training, group exercise classes, full-court gymnasium, and more? To schedule a tour and for more information, call 703.537.3042. This excludes anyone who was a member in 2016, as well as these membership categories: Teen, Au-pair/Nanny, Kehilla, Silver Sneakers upgrade, and J Friend.

Hope to see you working out at the J soon!


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