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Why All Children Should Play Soccer

Renee Eder on Tuesday, August 23, 2016

At the age of five, my daughter started soccer. She was a statue for about six months, and eventually became a cherry picker, until she scored her first goal. That same day, she scored three more, and a soccer player was born. Two years later, she absolutely loves soccer, and I love all the benefits she gains from playing on a soccer team!

Currently, approximately 1,800,000 youngsters participate in youth soccer leagues in the U.S. The reason soccer has become such a popular sport for youth is because children like to participate in activities where they can succeed. And, there is a place for all children in soccer, at every level and any position. There are also important medical and psychological benefits to playing soccer, as well.
Soccer at the J is a great place to start, and there are so many benefits to playing, as follows:

Playing soccer stimulates cardiovascular fitness and develops agility better than any other sport. The average soccer player runs about seven miles during a game, which is certainly not the case in baseball or football. The continuous action of soccer makes it an excellent way of getting aerobic exercise.

Soccer develops social skills at an earlier age. Players quickly learn they are most successful when they work together as a team and develop meaningful bonds with their fellow players.

Communication is also quickly learned because it is key for when players support each other from various positions around the field.

Confidence building: Soccer training can also benefit a child’s self-confidence because players must work together as a team to be successful. Additionally, because less athletically inclined children can develop their skill in a friendly team environment.

Youth soccer training should be considered by all parents trying to keep their children on a healthy track while giving them the ability to learn valuable life lessons about teamwork, self-confidence, and communication.

At the J, Tamir Linhart Golden Boot Soccer is celebrating 18 years of soccer training! This fall, Golden Boot will offer a variety of training programs for youth players ages 3–18 including Lil’ Boots, Player Development, Art of Scoring Goals, Goalkeeper Training, Speed & Agility, High School Prep, Cogno-Motoric and Cogno-Technical. The programs are run by Golden Boot’s professional soccer coaches. J members receive a special discount. For more information, click here.

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