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Teaching Anyone to Swim

Renee Eder on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mr J teaching swimming at the J

Do you get nervous every time your child gets within arms-length of a body of water? Do you equip your child with floaties, a kickboard, a noodle, and anything else you can find to keep him or her safe, confine him or her to the shallow end, and watch him or her like a hawk? I used to be that way. That is until my son took swimming lessons at the J.

Though a bright boy, my son’s attention span is really short. He was way too distracted to pay attention to a swimming instructor, and after several attempts, we nearly gave up on swimming lessons. This was all until we found Mr. J and the Adapted Aquatics Program at the J!

Mr. J has the patience of a saint, and a special way of teaching kids with disabilities, such as those with a very short attention span. And I know from being there, the other instructors do, as well! After some lessons and lots of practice laps, my son can now experience the relaxing pleasure of being in the water, while at the same time feeling comfortable, safe, and independent. He is not as limited, and can play with his friends in all areas of the pool. And at the beach, I am not as afraid of him drowning, which makes summer vacations much more enjoyable. Now, I can also experience peace of mind, and have a chance to chat with the other moms or check my email or Facebook on my phone for a few minutes (something I couldn’t do before!)

Need help teaching your child swimming skills?

Whether or not your child requires adapted swimming lessons, we’ve got you covered at the J! We offer private, semi-private, and group lessons for children and adults. The J features a heated, six-lane, indoor 25-meter swimming pool with a graduated depth from 3.5’ to 8’. A permanent, handicapped access ramp provides 0’ to 3.5’ depth access for use by individuals in wheelchairs, small children, and others with special needs. Locker and shower facilities, including a family restroom, are also available to our members. Learn more and access the schedule of aquatics classes here.

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