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Helen Pafumi Talks Redder Blood

Renee Eder on Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Last month, Helen Murray Pafumi won the 2016 Jewish Playwriting Contest for her comedy, "Redder Blood." The play is being co-produced by the J and The Hub Theatre, and is slated to receive its world premiere at the New School of Northern Virginia, from July 8–31, 2016.

In the play, Sadie (the main character) has heard the voice of G-d her entire life. But she has never answered back. As her parents’ marriage crumbles, and her own love interest takes off, Sadie’s life takes a comical turn toward the absurd. In the midst of it all, she must come to terms with her own worth and whether or not it’s time to let in the voice.

In a recent interview with the Jewish Plays Project, Pafumi shared that Redder Blood' "was a story I struggled to tell, reckoning with such questions as the role of G-d in today's world and how we deal with clashes of cultures and beliefs playing out in our own families." According to Pafumi, "I can only hope that I have illuminated the conversation in a way that is entertaining and that makes people feel how connected and worthy we are."

Pafumi was thrilled to be among the exceptional finalists for this year’s Jewish Plays Contest, and even more elated to have so many audience members and readers connect to the play. She says, "Winning the contest is icing on an already beautiful cake."

In the interview, Pafumi also discusses her love of comedy, and explains why the play is funny. She says, "if we laugh together as an audience, then we will confront the dark truths with more honesty. We have a better time expecting the truth when we’ve first laughed together. I love seeing people leaving a theatre wanting to be better, to do better, and wanting more. We want more, as an audience, when something in us has been uplifted. I want people to walk away not just thinking about the play, but “feeling” about the play."

We hope you will come see "Redder Blood." For details and a link to purchase tickets, please  click here.

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