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How to Age Well

Renee Eder on Monday, April 25, 2016

We’re all growing older. And, in my opinion, like fine wine, we get better with age. However, to make the most of getting older, it’s important to understand what’s going on with your body and to take the right steps to stay healthy.

Some of the changes in our body as we age are good, and some are not so good, but most of them are within our control! Below is a list of things we may experience, many of which can be thwarted with starting good healthy habits now:

  • Bones: Bones can become thinner and more brittle in old age, especially in women. It's recommended that adults get at least 30 minutes of exercise (including weight and strength training) each day to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.
  • Heart: While a healthy diet and regular exercise can keep your heart healthy, it may become slightly enlarged, your heart rate may lower, and the walls of the heart may thicken as you age.
  • Brain and nervous system: Getting older can cause changes in your reflexes and even your senses, which is why it is common for people to experience “senior moments” as they get older. Non-repetitive brain games are a good way to keep the wheels turning!
  • Digestive system: As you age, your digestive tract becomes more firm and rigid, and doesn't contract as often. This change can lead to problems such as constipation, stomach pain, and feelings of nausea; a good diet can help. To aid digestion, eat your fiber, eat smaller meals throughout the day, and exercise!
  • Senses: You may notice that your vision and hearing aren't quite as sharp as they once were. You may start to lose your sense of taste — flavors may not seem as distinct to you. Prevention Magazine offers great tips on sharpening your senses here.

Many bodily changes are a natural part of aging, but they don’t have to slow you down, as long as you protect your body and keep it as healthy as possible. Here are some healthy aging tips that are good advice at any stage of life:

  • Stay physically active with regular exercise.
  • Stay socially active with friends and family and within your community.
  • Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet — dump the junk food in favor of fiber-rich, low-fat, and low-cholesterol eating.
  • Don't neglect yourself: Regular check-ups with your doctor, dentist, and optometrist are even more important now.
  • Take all medications as directed by your doctor.
  • Limit alcohol consumption and cut out smoking.
  • Get the sleep that your body needs.

Want more tips for healthy aging? Join us at The Spring Into Health Fair on Thursday, May 12, from 9am-1pm.  Come hear Dr. Fotuhi, a nationally recognized neurologist who has made extensive media appearances on CNN, ABC, Fox News, and the Today show, speak on ways to improve your memory and brain health. It's sure to be a fascinating presentation!

The day also includes: wellness vendors, free mini group fitness classes, free personal training assessments and screenings, raffle prizes, giveaways, healthy snacks, and more! Learn more about this and other health and wellness offerings here.

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