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My Experience at the Simcha Expo (and why YOU need to attend!)

Renee Eder on Monday, February 8, 2016

Last year, we were two years away from my son's bar mitzvah. We just received his date, and as someone who plans in advance, I wanted to see what's out there (since Bar Mitzvahs now are much different then they were in the 80's!) My family decided to attend the Simcha Expo at the J, and will be doing so again this year!  I highly recommend it to anyone who has a wedding, b'nai mitzvah, bris, sweet 16, or any occasion in the near or distant future, for the following reasons:

    1. You get ideas for things you would have never thought of otherwise. For instance, I thought a photo booth would be fun for my son and his friends, but I didn't know about the extent of computerized props you can add. We took a sample photo, and had very realistic tigers in the background. I still get nervous looking at it!
    2. You can taste delicious samples. This, in itself, is reason to attend (Aw, come on, I know you're thinking the same thing!) You could have left my son at the cheese table all day, and left me at the hummus samples! I got some great ideas about what to serve, and tried food from places I never experienced before.
    3. You can see samples of photography, invitations, centerpieces, and more, and get some creative ideas! 
    4. You can save lots of money because many of the vendors offer special pricing at the expo!
    5. You can get free swag and giveaways. My daughter took home a balloon last year shaped like Cinderella, for which she was thrilled. 
    6. You can meet others in the same situation. I saw lots of other families I know from the J, from my synagogue, and from my kid's schools that were also looking for ideas for their upcoming events. It's a great place to be if you want to chat and compare notes! 

So, what's not to love?! Now that my son's bar mitzvah is next year, things are getting serious! So, hopefully, I will see you at the Simcha Expo this year on February 28 from noon–4pm at the J. If you attended in the past, please indicate in the comments some of your best takeaways! Thanks in advance and mazel tov on your upcoming simcha!


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