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Going Stir Crazy? 25 Things To Do With Kids On A Snow Day

Renee Eder on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Many of us view snow days as an unexpected gift. Suddenly, for no reason you get a WHOLE DAY off! But after six days in the house, including the weekend, many of us start to go a little stir crazy! 

As adults, we have to do our best to let go of anxiety about all the things we're “supposed” to be getting done and enjoy these special days to connect with our kids.  With a little thought and inspiration, you can use snow days to build special memories! 

To get you started on your own snow day fun, here are 25 fun things to do: 

1.  Stay in your PJ’s all day. 

2.  Make homemade play dough. 

3.  Build a snow fort. 

4.  Too cold outside? Build an indoor fort out of old boxes & sofa cushions. 

5.  Build a tent with a sheet. 

6.  Watch old musicals like Singing In the Rain. 

7.  Have an indoor picnic. 

8.  Make challah. For extra fun, let the kids “sculpt” with the dough — their creations can be baked & eaten. 

9.  Bake cookies or brownies. 

10.  Make snow cones and use coloring/flavors to try new varieties. Remember, to avoid yellow snow. yuck!  

11.  Curl up on the couch with a hot cup of tea (or hot chocolate) and read a good book. Or two. Or three. (My kids probably won't let me do this. Not sure about yours?) 

12.  Make homemade soft pretzels, like from the mall. 

13.  Write letters to Grandma or  to your congressman. 

14.  Play board games.  Maybe have a tournament. 

15.  Play card games. Teach your kids how to play Go Fish or Crazy 8s, or another fun game you played growing up.  

16. Do snow art. Paint and sculpt in the snow! Post your creations for us to see on Facebook! 

17.  Play video or computer games. 

18.  Make a torn paper mosaic.

19. Feed you bird friends by stringing popcorn to hang on a tree or making a pine cone birdfeeder. 

20.  Let the kids choose the dinner menu and have them help you cook. 

21.  Have a pretend fashion shoot. 

22.  Have a snowball fight!!! 

23.  Make a snowman. 

24.  Make snow angels. 

25.  Go snowshoeing or cross country skiing. 

So, what are some of YOUR favorite ideas for fun things to do on a snow day with kids? Please share them with us in the comments or on Facebook. Hope you have fun and safe snow days with your children  (however many more there end up being this week!) We look forward to seeing you at the J soon!

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