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Do Jewish People Celebrate Halloween?

Renee Eder on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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To many American Jewish parents, Halloween is viewed as a secular holiday, no different than Thanksgiving or July 4th. However, many rabbis and educators have challenged Jewish participation in Halloween activities, due to it's pagan origins. Whether or not you decide to celebrate Halloween with your family comes down to what feels right for you.

Here’s some background on the different Jewish approaches to Halloween:


To understand why traditional Jewish law might forbid the celebration of Halloween, we must look at the history of the holiday. Halloween originated with the ancient Celts and their celebration of the pagan festival, Samhain, as the harvest season ended. When the Romans conquered Britain, they added the worship of Pomona, the "goddess of fruits and trees," to the holiday. In Judaism, idol worship is one of the three worst sins. On the basis of this, and the belief that there are no real reasons for a child to dress up and collect candy on this specific day of the year, most traditional rabbis argue that trick-or-treating is best avoided.


For most children, free candy and dressing up with friends are reasons why a person would celebrate Halloween. This may be why many Jewish families still decide to partake in trick-or-treating and parties on October 31. Those who think that Jewish children can go trick or treating have no problem separating Halloween’s origins from what it has become–an American holiday of collecting candy and dressing up.

Should Jewish Children Go Trick-or-Treating, or Not?

There will always be those who view Halloween as a pagan holiday that should hold no place in a Jewish home, and others who view the holiday as a secular tradition that children can enjoy. As with most parenting choices, you must decide for yourself how you view the holiday, and how you would like your family to celebrate, if at all.

Whether or not you choose to celebrate, we hope you have fun and safe weekend!

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