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Helping Kids (and Parents) Get Over Back-to-School Jitters

Renee Eder on Monday, August 24, 2015

Like all big transitions in life, the start of a new school year can be scary for kids — and for parents too! How can parents help their kids cope, while keeping their own anxieties in check?
Have no fear! Below is some advice on how to minimize back-to-school jitters:


1. Discuss with your kids what to expect: Allow your child to express what they're afraid of, and make sure to follow-up with validating statements such as, 'I know that must feel so scary. When I was a kid, I felt that way, too.' If they don't open up, try asking, 'How are you feeling about going to school?' but avoid leading questions like, 'Are you nervous about going to school?'"

2. Try a dry run with role-playing: Act out what's going to happen on the first day by driving/walking the route you'll take in the morning and taking turns role playing as the teacher, the child, and even a new friend.  This is a great tool to teach empathy as well!

3. Prepare kids for what the morning routine will be like: If your summer mornings were lazy and unstructured, being rushed to get dressed, eat and being shoved out the door might be an unpleasant shock to your child's system. Run through the morning routine and go to sleep/wake up earlier to get your child ready these last couple of weeks of summer.

4. Teach your child how to make friends fast: Give your child topics of conversation when meeting someone for the first time, such as asking others the best thing they did all summer. Also, suggest that by saying hello first, they will bring relief to other kids who are anxious like they are.

5.  Open up with your kids about your own experiences: Share a story of your childhood of a time when you did something that was hard to do, but was worth the nervousness.

6. Get things ready the night before: Make sure the backpacks are packed with whatever they're supposed to be packed with, that lunches are made and in the fridge, and that school clothes are laid out the night before. 

7. On the first day of school, say a quick goodbye: As tempting as it is to give a few extra hugs, or chat with the other moms in the class, try to keep the goodbyes as quick as possible. Lingering can send mixed messages to your son/daughter, and you want them to feel your confidence, not your hesitation.
8. Parents, it really is OK to cry: It's amazing to see our children grow up — it's what our job is all about. My one piece of advice to parents after sending my own daughter to kindergarten last year: Stock up on the good tissues.


More than anything, let your child know they can talk to you about anything that's bothering them. Provide them with extra encouragement and a kiss and a hug that first morning of back to school. Tell them you can't wait to hear about their first day back and that anyone would love to have them as their friend.


Looking for a warm environment for a preschool-aged or school-aged child? Limited spaces are still available for our Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) or our Before-and-After-School Enrichment Program (BASE) program! Good luck on the first day of school!


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