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Exposing your Family to the Arts

Renee Eder on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It is incredible how much of an impact theater and the arts has on families with children. In fact, getting kids involved in the arts not only makes them more well-rounded individuals, it also helps them do better in the classroom.

According to "Growing Up in the Valley," a family magazine in Roanoke, VA, students who attend performances and study the arts, including dance, are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, and three times more likely to be awarded for school attendance. This is why exposure to the arts and music is mandatory in countries ranking consistently among the highest for math and science test scores, like Japan, Hungary and the Netherlands. And, experiencing the arts isn't only good for a child's learning skills, but also his or her social skills, creativity and self-esteem.

Below are some tips for attending performances with children:

  • It is always advisable to turn up at least a half hour before the show starts. This way you can take necessary toilet trips and have them settled before the show starts.
  • Matinee shows tend to be the best time to take children to a show; they are in the middle of the day and do not finish after your child’s bedtime.
  • Do your research – you know what your child does and does not like and can and cannot handle.
  • Explain to your child before you arrive what you will be seeing and what is appropriate behavior in the theatre.

At the J, we recently released our cultural arts schedule for the fall, and it includes several great performances for the entire family, such as the Maccabeats! It also includes programs for adults, so mark your calendars and schedule your babysitter (if needed!) In addition to our shows, another great way to get children involved in the arts is by signing them up for classes. Learn more about our dance classes here!


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