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Israel is the 11th Happiest Place in the World

Renee Eder on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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Guess what? For the 3rd time, Israel is among the happiest places in the world. The 11th to be exact. You can understand the Netherlands and Australia making the list. But with war, terrorism, international condemnation, mandatory army service, high taxes, etc., what could Israelis have to be so happy about? A lot!

So what is it that makes Israelis so happy? (from

  1. They are in sync:  Because Jewish holidays are the national holidays, Israelis worship, remember, cry, and celebrate together.
  2. They don't procrastinate: With so many threats hanging over their heads, Israelis are experts on the fragility of life. Because of that, every day is a bucket list day.
  3. They are healthy: Israelis have the 14th longest life expectancy in the world. That could be due to genes, good health care, or a diet which contains plenty of olive oil, fresh fruit, vegetables, and lots of home cooking.
  4. They are one big family: When push comes to shove, Israel's band together and lend a hand, or some shekels, a ride, a hug, a meal, and more.
  5. They have blue skies: For eight months of the year, the sky in Israel is a "let’s-go-outside" smiley blue.
  6. They love to celebrate: In Israel you may be invited to the bar mitzvah of your next door neighbor’s second cousin and you will go, because it’s a mitzvah, and an excuse to celebrate!
  7. They are tough: Mandatory army service turns Israel's 18-year-old teens into fierce, independent leaders.
  8. They are optimists: Israel's national saying is “ihiyeh beseder” (it will all work out for the best). It is fitting because Israelis do their best to keep their chins up and be optimistic, even in times of violence, war, and terrorism.

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