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Top 5 Benefits of Enrolling Your Children in Dance

Renee Eder on Monday, June 15, 2015

Does your son or daughter dance? If not, they should definitely try it. Why? There are many benefits to registering a child in a dance program, in addition to having fun and acquiring new skills. A young dancer develops balance, remains active, and is generally more confident, but that's not all. Below are even more reasons you should consider enrolling your child in dance:

1. Enhances academic performance: By taking dance classes, children acquire problem-solving skills highlyapplicable in school subjects, such as mathematics. Also, a child's memory improves, as well as the listening skills it takes to retain the dance moves they learned and apply them. These skills are perfect for over the summer to prepare for the next school year!

2. Boosts self esteem: As a child executes dance steps and gets great feedback from the instructor and peers, his or her self-esteem increases.

3. Promotes physical wellness: Dancing helps prevent child obesity, because children who dance become uncomfortable with an inactive lifestyle, and tend to practice to get better and stay fit.

4. Improves social skills: Children who dance meet others with common interests, which leads to making friends they may not ordinarily meet, and enhancing social skills.

5. Enables discovery of new talents and interests: Who knows? Your child may be a great dancer, or simply love dancing. Give a child an opportunity to discover whether dance is something they love by enrolling them in dance classes.

As you can see, it is an investment into a child’s life to enroll him or her in dance. And, luckily, at the J, you can enroll your child in dance over the summer by signing up for camp! For more details about camp, please contact or call 703.323.0880 to register.


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