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5 Reasons to Send Your Child to Summer Camp

Renee Eder on Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Camps are more than just playing silly games, making beaded bracelets, and singing crazy songs. In a world with Wii U, iPhones, tablets, and big screen televisions, camp can be a great escape from screen time, and a way to make new friends, get some exercise, and gain important life skills.

Below are the top five reasons to send your child to camp:

1. Connects kids to those they may not normally meet: Kids who attend camp learn the world is a big place with lots of people, who might do things differently than they’re used to. That includes other kids from all over the area and beyond– and counselors and leaders who serve as positive role models and can leave a huge impression.

2. Self-esteem boost: When kids are at camp, they don’t have mom and dad there to help them approach people and make connections. They have to put themselves out there, which boosts confidence and self-esteem. In addition, kids learn new skills that make them realize how capable they are to learn and grow. In fact, according to the American Camp Association, 92 percent of kids who attend camp say that the people at camp helped them feel good about themselves.

3. Creates wonderful memories: Camp builds positive memories for the future. During the summer, kids create tons of memories of the good times, silly shenanigans, and fun activities. It’s a time of discovery and self-improvement that stays with a kid long into adulthood.

4. Gets them active: In this technology-filled world, camps cut back on distractions, so kids can truly take advantage of all summertime has to offer. That means those prone to texting or playing video games are forced to get up and move!

5. Develop interests: Camps are a nurturing environment for a child to explore activities and programs that could turn into lifelong passions. With so much to do at summer camp (swimming, crafts, etc.), there are many fun activities for kids to try and further discover.

At the J, our camps are filled with opportunities for campers to play, explore and experience all that camp has to offer in an environment based on Jewish values and culture. Our camp program includes indoor and outdoor activities, singing, dancing, sports activities, swim lessons, field trips, and more! Learn more about our camps and register today!


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