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Five Israeli Foods You Must Try

Renee Eder on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Most of us love good food, and the place to be for a variety of amazingly delicious foods is Israel! Although it was hard to narrow it down, we've come up with a list of the five best Israeli foods, which you simply must taste, including:

1. Falafel
Although it actually originated in Egypt, falafel is one of the first things that comes to mind when it comes to Israeli foods. Falafel balls are made of a delicious mix of chickpeas and/or fava beans, with spices applied according to each falafel stand owner’s secret recipe. They are typically thrust into a pita, alongside freshly cut salads, hummus, tehina sauce, pickled vegetables, and sometimes even chips.

2. Hummus
Hummus is a kind of dip or spread made from crushed chickpeas and mixed with tehina sauce, lemon, olive oil, salt and garlic. It can be served in many ways, including as a main dish accompanied by fava beans and hard boiled egg, as well as a side dish at a big meal. Hummus is served in many cafes and restaurants in Israel and the US, and you can also find an amazing variety of hummus in tubs in most supermarkets.

3. Shwarma
You can often find shwarma in exactly the same place as falafel, and if not, it’ll usually be very close by. Another street food extremely popular in Israel, shwarma is typically slices of turkey, chicken or lamb, which are usually shaved off a huge slab of meat rotating (vertically) on a big spit. It is eaten in much the same way as falafel, stuffed into a pita with salad, hummus, tehina sauce, pickles and chips.

4. Sufganiyot
There isn’t a soul out there who doesn’t love sufganiyot, or doughnuts filled with jam or custard, deep-fried and then doused in powdered sugar. This is why they have become a favorite for many during Chanukah, and are enjoyed in Israel year round. Unlike other doughnuts which are often heavy and cake-like, sufganiyot are much lighter, resembling a sweet bread than a heavy confection.

5. Shakshooka
Shakshooka is a concoction of tomatoes, onions, plenty of garlic, as well as some crucial spices such as sweet paprika. It has a liquidy consistency, and is topped off with a poached egg in the same frying pan. If you order shakshooka, be sure to get enough bread to soak up all those delicious frying pan juices.

Want to try Israeli foods right here in Northern Virginia? Well, you can do so this weekend, while sampling Israeli culture at Israel Fest: Israel @ 67 in Shirlington this Sunday. There will be Israeli food, including some of the items mentioned above, available for purchase by Max's Kosher Café. Click here to find out more and to view the schedule of events. Hope to see you there!

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