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Scapegoating and Expressing Emotions Through Art

Renee Eder on Monday, April 13, 2015

The Jewish people have been scapegoats throughout history, unfortunately. In fact, many of the stories behind our holidays commemorate how we have overcome scapegoating and came out victorious and stronger in the end.

Scapegoating involves a person or group that is made to bear blame for others. When we think about scapegoating, an example that always comes to mind involves the most notorious person who blamed the Jews as scapegoats, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. In his book Mein Kampf (My Struggle), he blamed the plight of Germany at the end of World War I on an "international Jewish conspiracy" and used terms such as "extirpation" and "extermination" in relation to the Jews. As leader of Nazi Germany, he was responsible for killing six million Jewish people, as well as other minorities. To remember those who perished in the Holocaust, we observe Yom Ha'Shoah this Wednesday night and Thursday within the synagogue as well as in the broader Jewish community.

On a positive note, although the journey of the Jewish people has been fraught with great suffering, our lingering spirit has persisted through time. One way we have expressed our spirit is through artistic expression.  The artists that are featured in our "The Psychology of Scapegoating" exhibit, which is currently underway in our Bodzin Art Gallery, have contributed works that reflect this theme, and their expression of the Holocaust, through different media, including paintings, tapestries, and pottery.

The exhibit, which runs from April 7 -  May 25 and commemorates Yom Ha’Shoah, is held at the same time as this year’s Jewish Community Relations Council’s (JCRC) Annual Holocaust Commemoration (on April 19 at the J). Our hope is that with the power of their artistic vision, the exhibit will create an understanding of the injustice and inhumanity of the scapegoating. For more information and to read about the talented artists and their work, please visit the exhibit webpage.

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