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Passover Fun with Children

Renee Eder on Monday, April 6, 2015
Looking for some fun things to do with your children this Passover? Whether you are trying some yummy recipes, making matzo houses, or attending a model seder, there are so many ways to spend quality time with family this holiday.

Crafts and cooking together in the kitchen are fun options for teaching children the many important reasons you celebrate Passover. You can use the following ideas to prepare before the holiday or have fun during the eight day celebration::
1. Ceramic (or cardboard) seder plate: Paint the plate with all the symbolic foods, including a shank bone, charoset (made with chopped walnuts and apples, spiced with cinnamon and sweet wine), bitter herbs, hard-boiled egg and leafy, green vegetable. Explain to children what each part of the plate symbolizes.
2. Matzo House: This is a Passover version of a gingerbread house! It is delicious, and makes a wonderful centerpiece on any seder table.
3. Planting Karpas (parsley): You can plant your own parsley for the Passover seder karpas with the kids in a little pot at home. Little ones can take care of the herb all year long, reminding them of the important holiday.
4. Lego Seder Table: You can use legos to recreate the seder plate and table.
5. Bake Passover Brownies: It is always fun to bake with little ones. And, these are so yummy, you would never know they are kosher for Passover!
There is a lot going on at the J this Passover. Join us for some fun and exciting events. Please see the calendar on our home page for more details.
We at the J wish you and your family a Happy Passover!
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