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THE JCCNV Adult Learning Institute (ALI)


ALI is the J’s adult lifelong learning center. Its mission is to provide intellectually stimulating, enjoyable, and engaging opportunities to expand your mind and your knowledge with other adults of all backgrounds and ages. 

Contact: Shari Berman, 703.537.3068, Marcia Gordon, 703.537.3066

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ALI Summer Schedule

This summer ALI is offering two single session classes plus ongoing language classes and game lessons. In the fall, ALI will be back in full force with a diverse selection of stimulating courses starting on September 9th! 

Some of the fall course topics to be offered include: 

- Voices of the Apocrypha (featuring John Rybicki)

- The Copper Scroll Project

- Judaism Reimagined

- The History of Medicine


How to Register:

  1. Submit completed registration form and payment to the J’s front desk;
  2. Mail completed registration form with payment, payable to “JCCNV,” to JCCNV, 8900 Little River Turnpike, Fairfax, VA 22031;
  3. Call the J’s front desk at 703.323.0880 and be prepared to give a credit card number to secure your place in the course; or
  4. Register online.



Celebrated Civil War Women

Mondays, June 3 (4 sessions, the first Monday of the month)
Location: The J
Field trip to Ben Lomond Historical Site in Manassas, VA on June 3 departs the J at 10:00am and returns at 2:30pm
Instructor: Mary Lipsey, Burke Historical Society
Mary Lipsey will give a series of interesting talks about both renowned and obscure women who played significant roles during the Civil War. From “underground” women who escaped detection as spies and soldiers to leading first ladies and “second” ladies to the famous nurse Clara Barton. Ms. Lipsey will enthrall you with unusual accounts and little known anecdotes of these brave individuals. The course will conclude with a half-day field trip to a nearby, yet little known Civil War destination, the Ben Lomond Historic Site, whose grounds include a famous home/ former Confederate hospital, its outbuildings, and lovely rose garden.
Fee: $80/ $60 members (includes bus transportation, museum admission, and hearty snack)
Code: #9577


Intermediate Bridge Lessons

Summer Session
Wednesdays, July 10–September 4 (8 weeks; no class Aug. 14)
Instructor: Yen DeAnda, ACBL accredited Ruby Life Master

Continue your bridge adventure with dynamic PPT presentations and interactive lessons. Develop a competitive edge, while playing with friends or competing in tournaments. Build a solid foundation, explore new conventions, and form long-lasting partnerships.

Fee:  $180 
Code: #9940


Book Talk with Eric Rozenman

Author of Jews Make the Best Demons: ‘Palestine’ and the Jewish Question
Thursday, June 13, 12:30pm–2pm
Location: The J
Instructor:  Eric Rozenman, communications consultant to The Jewish Policy Center and author

In today’s global climate of hate, particularly anti-Semitism, Eric Rozenman has challenged us to ponder the question, “What happened to the post-1945 world of Never Again?” His latest book examines how we got here, the danger posed not only for the Jewish state and Jews everywhere but also for the United States and the rest of the self-doubting liberal West. He explains how Israel’s creators expected to normalize the status of the Jewish people but instead, the Jewish State has become the Jew among nations. Despite the many wonderful contributions of Israel (and Jews) international public opinion ranks it as one of the chief threats to world peace. The new blood libel, cloaked in the Palestinian narrative, is as false as the original and no more likely to be defeated primarily by facts. Rozenman outlines what must be done to halt the post-modern propagation of pre-modern beliefs. Books will be available for sale and signing at the end of the program.

Fee:  $13
Code:  #9857


Jewish Life in Germany Today: A Vibrant Community

Tuesday, July 23, 12:30pm–2pm
Location:  The J
Instructor: Anke Yael Popper, Deputy Director, German Information Center USA

Today the Jewish population of Germany consists of many young people from all parts of the world who find Germany an attractive place to live, especially in Berlin. Current residents enjoy a multicultural society, as well as kosher restaurants, religious freedom, and the opportunity for education and successful careers. Many have embraced German culture and history particularly as it relates to Jewish identity and Judaism, reconciling the past with the present. Ms. Popper will bring to light the faces of the growing Jewish community in Germany today, with a fascinating presentation accompanied by posters of a wonderful exhibit housed at the German Embassy in Washington, DC.

Fee:  $13
Code:  #9922

Language Classes



Instructor: Einate Cohen
Private and semi-private lessons in conversational Hebrew are available at all levels. Contact Shari Berman, 703.537.3068.

Beginner Hebrew classes are offered when there is a minimum of four students. Contact Shari if interested.

Private Lessons: $50/hour
Semi-Private: $40/hour (per student)
Code: #800



Instructor: Dr. Michael Gorman received his BA, MA, and Ph.D. from American University and continued his studies at the National University of Mexico.
Spanish I, II and III level classes are on summer hiatus. In the fall, Spanish I will likely take place on Monday afternoons. Spanish II and III are held on Wednesday afternoons. See the fall issue of The Voice for upcoming class information.

Spanish I

Mondays, March 25–May 22 (8 weeks)
Location: The J
Instructor: Dr. Michael Gorman
This beginner class is for those who are brand new to the Spanish language or have had a little bit of Spanish in their past. You will learn the alphabet, basic vocabulary and simple phrases for conversational use, and develop basic skills. There are no textbooks, no homework, and no tests; just come to class ready to learn and have fun.
Fee: $135/ $120 member
Code: #9905

Spanish II

This continuing class is for those who have taken the Spanish I class at the J or have some knowledge of the language. Students will continue to develop their skills and also review previous material. There are no tests, homework, or grades.

Wednesdays, May 1–June 19 (8 weeks)
Location: The J
Fee: $145/ $110 member
Code: # 9583

Spanish III

This continuing class is for those who have taken the Spanish II class at the J or equivalent experience. This is a conversational class and includes grammar. Students will continue to develop their skills and also review previous material. There are no tests, homework, or grades.

Wednesdays, May 1–June 19 (8 weeks)
Location: The J
Fee: $96/ $72 member
Code: #9586



Instructor: Norman Buder
A beginner (Level I) class will be formed if there is a minimum of four interested students. Contact Shari to sign up or for more information.

Yiddish II — Spring Session

Mondays, April 29–July 1 (8 weeks; no class May 27, June 10)
Location: The J
Instructor: Norman Buder
Join this class if you have some knowledge of Yiddish and would like to continue to learn to speak and read the language.
Fee: $80/ $70 member
Code: #9588 

Yiddish II — Summer Session

Mondays, July 15–August 26 (6 weeks; no class
Aug. 12)
Instructor: Norman Buder
Fee:  $68
Code: #9939


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