Join us Monday, January 21 at 12:15pm for an intimate discussion with political analyst and author, William Schneider:

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THE JCCNV Adult Learning Institute (ALI)


ALI is the J’s adult lifelong learning center. Its mission is to provide intellectually stimulating, enjoyable, and engaging opportunities to expand your mind and your knowledge with other adults of all backgrounds and ages. 

Contact:,  703.537.3068,, 703.537.3066

Register Now!

We are pleased to announce our Spring 2019 line-up of classes! Registration is now open. Please take a moment to review the schedule below and sign up for one (or more!) of these fabulous opportunities to continue your lifelong learning with us!

ALI: Temple Rodef Shalom Partnership:
As part of our exciting partnership with Temple Rodef Shalom (TRS), we will be offeringcourses at TRS! Everyone is welcome to attend classes at both venues. Please note the location when registering.


Please feel free to bring a dairy or parve/meatless lunch to any class.

How to Register:

  1. Submit completed registration form and payment to the J’s front desk;
  2. Mail completed registration form with payment, payable to “JCCNV,” to JCCNV, 8900 Little River Turnpike, Fairfax, VA 22031;
  3. Call the J’s front desk at 703.323.0880 and be prepared to give a credit card number to secure your place in the course; or
  4. Register online.



Intermediate Bridge

Session I
Wednesdays, January 9-February 27  (8 weeks)
Instructor: Yen DeAnda, ACBL accredited, Ruby Life Master
Continue your bridge adventure with dynamic slide presentations and interactive lessons. Develop a competitive edge, whether you're playing with friends or competing in tournaments. Take your game to the next level — build a solid foundation for your game and explore new conventions. Fourth Suit Forcing, Splinters, Gambling No Trump and more.
Fee: $135/ $120 member
Code: #9570

Session II
Wednesdays, March 27–May 22
(8 weeks; no class May 15)
Location: The J
Instructor: Yen DeAnda, ACBL accredited, Ruby Life Master
Continue your bridge adventure with dynamic slide presentations and interactive lessons.
Fee: $135/ $120 member
Code: #9571


Jewish Geography: The Jews of Egypt

Monday, January 14, noon-1:30pm
(snow date: Tuesday, Jan. 22, same time)
Location: The J
Instructor: Maurice M. Mizrahi, Ph.D., lifelong Judaism scholar and teacher
Dr. Maurice M. Mizrahi will give an informative and fascinating talk on the history of the Jews of Egypt. Dr. Mizrahi was born and raised in Egypt until he was forced out in November 1967, after the Six-Day War, at age eighteen. He will cover the ups and downs of this ancient community, which has thrived and sustained itself since the Exodus, in spite of periodic persecutions. He will also include his own family's rich personal experiences. Dr. Mizrahi will speak about such Egyptian Jewish luminaries as Saadia Gaon, Maimonides, the Arizal and the Radbaz, as well as the splendor of ancient Alexandrian Jewry, that treasure trove of Judaica known as the Cairo Geniza, the Karaites, and of course the many anchievements of this community. Finally, Dr. Mizrahi will address the subject of modern times, which led to the practical extinction of Egyptian Jewry for the first time since biblical days. 
Fee: $18/ $12 member
Code: #9572


Welcome to TheaterLand: The Theatrical Scene in Israel Today with Roy Horovitz

Tuesday, February 5, noon-2pm
Location: The J
Instructor: Roy Horovitz, visiting professor, University of Texas - Austin
Israeli theater is the scene of intense activity - impossible to encompass in a single lecture the wealth that exists in theatrical milieu in Israel. Humbly, Horovitz will sketch the evolvement of the Israeli theater in the past 60 years. Learn about the quantitative and geographic scope of the theatrical activity in Israel, its multi-culturalism, e.g. plays in Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian, and Amharic, the distinctive features of the repertoire it presents. This information will be complimented by live readings and screened examples of outstanding theatrical performances.

In partnership with the J's Cultural Arts Department.
Fee: $18/ $12 member
Code: #9575


America's Jewish Women: A History from Colonial Times to Today

(in collaboration with the Foundation for Jewish Studies)
Wednesday, February 6, 7:30pm-9pm
Location: The J
Instructor: Professor Pamela Nadell, Patrick Clendenen Chair in Women's and Gender History, American University
In this groundbreaking history, Pamela Nadell asks, “What does it mean to be a Jewish woman in America?” Weaving together stories from the colonial era’s matriarch, Grace Nathan, and her great-granddaughter, poet Emma Lazarus, to union organizer, Bessie Hillman, and the notorious Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Professor Nadell shows two threads binding the nation’s Jewish women: a strong sense of self and a resolute commitment to making the world a better place. Informed by the shared values of America’s founding and Jewish identity, America’s Jewish women – the well-known and the scores of activists, workers, wives, and mothers whose names linger on among their communities and families – left deep footprints in the history of the nation they called home.
Fee: Free. Donations appreciated!
Code: #9782


Beginning Bridge Lessons

Thursdays, February 7-March 28 (8 weeks)
Location: The J
Contact or 703.537.3068
Instructor: Yen DeAnda, ACBL accredited, Ruby Life Master
Learn to play bridge with friends or to compete in local tournaments with dynamic PowerPoint presentations and interactive lessons. In eight 2-hour sessions, students will learn the basics of the game of bridge starting with party/social bridge, eventually moving on to duplicate bridge. This class is truly for beginners who have never played bridge.
Fee:     $180/ $160 member
Code:  # 9749
Click here for the registration form.


Founding Fathers and Their Homes

Tuesdays, February 12-March 5 (4 weeks)
Field trip to Gunston Hall on March 5
Location: The J
Instructors: Marc Leepson, journalist, historian, and author (Saving Monticello); Susan P. Schoelwer, Ph.D., Robert H. Smith Senior Curator, Mt. Vernon; Patrick O’Neill, historian, archeologist and author; Gunston Hall staff member
Many of our country's Founding Fathers hale from the Commonwealth of Virginia. This course will look at several of our Founding Fathers, who lived within a 2-hour radius of our current nation's capital, and their famous residences. Marc Leepson will ascinate us with the story of the Levy family's quest to save Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Susan Schoelwer will talk about Mt. Vernon and her work to restore it to its original plantation estate at the time George Washington lived there. Patrick O’Neill will give us insight into James Madison’s Montpelier and James Monroe’s Oak Hill and Highland residences. In conjunction with a local field trip to Mason Neck, VA, a staff member of Gunston Hall will give a talk and tour of the home and the little-known Founding Father, George Mason.
Fee: $90/ $66 member (includes admission to residence, bus transportation, and the famous Adult Department snack bag)
Code: #9576


Celebrated Civil War Women

Mondays, March 4, April 1, May 6, June 3 (4 sessions, the first Monday of the month)
Location: The J
Field trip to Ben Lomond Historical Site in Manassas, VA on June 3 departs the J at 10:00am and returns at 2:30pm
Instructor: Mary Lipsey, Burke Historical Society
Mary Lipsey will give a series of interesting talks about both renowned and obscure women who played significant roles during the Civil War. From “underground” women who escaped detection as spies and soldiers to leading first ladies and “second” ladies to the famous nurse Clara Barton. Ms. Lipsey will enthrall you with unusual accounts and little known anecdotes of these brave individuals. The course will conclude with a half-day field trip to a nearby, yet little known Civil War destination, the Ben Lomond Historic Site, whose grounds include a famous home/ former Confederate hospital, its outbuildings, and lovely rose garden.
Fee: $80/ $60 members (includes bus transportation, museum admission, and hearty snack)
Code: #9577


Grace Paley: The Short Story and the Even Shorter Story

Mondays, March 11–April 1 (4 weeks)
Location: Temple Rodef Shalom, 2100 Westmoreland St., Falls Church
Instructors: Kay Menchel and Cam Menchel, literary scholars
In this class, we’ll read a selection from Grace Paley’s collected stories. Paley (1922–2007) was a master of the form. Each session we’ll discuss one or two of her very short stories (which might run only two or three pages), as well as one that’s slightly longer. Paley’s narrative exuberance, incisiveness, and verbal charm will give us an opportunity to discuss form, metaphor, the role of big ideas in fiction, and postwar American life — of which Paley is an inimitable and hilarious chronicler.
Week 1: "Goodbye and Good Luck" and "This is a Story about My Friend George, the Toy Inventor"
Week 2: "An Irrevocable Diameter" and "Wants"
Week 3: "Faith in a Tree" and "Debts"
Week 4: "A Conversation with My Father" and "Mother"
Participants must purchase the book: Grace Paley: The Collected Stories published by FSG Classics 1994 ISBN 9 780374 530280
Fee: $72/ $48 members
Code: #9579
*Temple Rodef Shalom members, please enter promo code on the cart payment screen for online registration.


Jewish Songwriters Who Shaped American Music

Tuesdays, March 12–April 2 (4 weeks)
Location: The J
Instructors: Natalie Neviasky, founder SeniorRec; Kay Menchel and Cam Menchel, literary scholars; Ted Benjamin, CBE HAZAK Coordinator; Roberta Comack-Katleman, entertainer and musical instructor
For decades Jewish lyricists, along with composers, have entertained millions of people and have changed the face of American music. From favorite holiday melodies and catchy Broadway show tunes to classic popular songs and even familiar commercial jingles, these songwriters have left a lasting impression on the music industry. This course will bring five of America’s favorite lyricists to life through diverse and inspiring presentations. Learn things you didn’t know about Irving Berlin, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, and Barry Manilow, and hear their memorable songs. Can you name that tune?
Fee: $80/ $60 member
Code: #9578 


Nineteenth Century American Travelers and Explorers

Monday, April 29, 1:30pm–3pm
Location: The J
Instructor: Stuart Endick, retired attorney and antiquarian book collector
Rare book enthusiast Stuart Endick returns to ALI to discuss another fascinating aspect of antiquarian book collecting: Nineteenth Century travel books. Among the topics covered are how literary celebrities of the day such as William Cullen Bryant, Edward Everett Hale, and Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. financed their extensive travels through published accounts of their jaunts, as well as forgotten works of Nathaniel Hawthorne and the exotic traveler Bayard Taylor. Stuart will also show examples of the thrilling travel adventures written for teenagers of the era and will discuss how Eretz Israel ('the Holy Land") and Jewish communities were described in travel literature.
Fee: $18/ $12 member
Code: #9520 


Elie Wiesel: Man, Mensch, and Mentor

Tuesdays, April 30–May 14 (3 weeks)
Location: The J
Instructors: Nadine Epstein, journalist, author, and editor-in-chief/CEO, Moment Magazine; Cantor Hinda Eisen Labovitz, Ohr Kodesh Congregation, Chevy Chase, MD; and Cayo Gamber, associate professor, University Writing Program and Holocaust Studies, The George Washington University, Washington, DC
Over multiple sessions, adult learners will be given an authentic portrait of Elie Wiesel, the man, the mensch, and the mentor. Remembered for being a Holocaust survivor, renowned writer, educator, and activist, as well as Nobel Laureate, Mr. Wiesel built intimate relationships with many fortunate people who were able to spend significant time with him. In this course, you will hear from an undergraduate student of his at Boston University, a mentee and colleague at Moment Magazine, and a professor of literature and writing who has studied and taught about Mr. Wiesel’s works. Each presenter will speak from his/her unique perspective, giving personal anecdotes and lessons learned from this extraordinary man and his literature.

Jewish Book Council author Nadine Epstein will share her memories of Wiesel and those of 30+ people she interviewed for her book, Elie Wiesel, An Extraordinary Life and Legacy. A book signing will take place after the session on April 30.
Fee: $54/ $36 members
Code: #9580

Language Classes



Private and semi-private lessons in conversational Hebrew are available at all levels. Contact, or 703.537.3068.

Beginner Hebrew classes are offered when there is a minimum of four students. Contact Shari if interested.

Private Lessons: $50/hour
Semi-Private: $40/hour (per student)
Code: #800



Instructor: Dr. Michael Gorman received his BA, MA, and Ph.D. from American University and continued his studies at the National University of Mexico.

Spanish II

This continuing class is for those who have taken the Spanish I class at the J or have some knowledge of the language. Students will continue to develop their skills and also review previous material. There are no tests, homework, or grades.

Session I
Wednesdays, January 9–February 6 (5 weeks)
Location: The J
Fee: $90/ $70 member
Code: #9581

Session II
Wednesdays, February 27–April 17 (8 weeks)
Location: The J
Fee: $145/ $110 member
Code: #9582

Session III
Wednesdays, May 1–June 19 (8 weeks)
Location: The J
Fee: $145/ $110 member
Code: # 9583


Spanish III

This continuing class is for those who have taken the Spanish II class at the J or equivalent experience. This is a conversational class and includes grammar. Students will continue to develop their skills and also review previous material. There are no tests, homework, or grades.

Session I
Wednesdays, January 9–February 6 (5 weeks)
Location: The J
Fee: $60/ $45 member
Code: #9584

Session II
Wednesdays, February 27–April 17 (8 weeks)
Location: The J
Fee: $96/ $72 member
Code: #9585

Session III
Wednesdays, May 1–June 19 (8 weeks)
Location: The J
Fee: $96/ $72 member
Code: #9586


Level II

Session I
Mondays, February 25–April 15 (8 weeks)
Location: The J
Instructor: Norman Buder
Join this class if you have some knowledge of Yiddish and would like to continue to learn to speak and read the language.
Fee: $80/ $70 member
Code: #9587

Session II
Mondays, April 29–July 1 (8 weeks; no class May 27, June 10)
Location: The J
Instructor: Norman Buder
Join this class if you have some knowledge of Yiddish and would like to continue to learn to speak and read the language.
Fee: $80/ $70 member
Code: #9588 


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