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The Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia (JCCNV) continually assesses and strengthens measures needed to ensure the safety and security of our participants, staff and volunteers who are in our programs and building.

The JCCNV maintains close and ongoing working relationships with local police and emergency personnel who keep an alert and watchful eye on our facility. Additionally, we are in regular communication with state and Federal agencies — that monitor national and world events — who advise us if circumstances warrant any upgrade or modification to our security

Our main facility maintains access control and other security systems like security cameras and less visible systems and procedures that help us maintain security and deal with emergency situations. JCCNV staff receives training in security and safety measures for scenarios including possible medical issues, fire, severe weather conditions, and the oversight of children and adults who are under our care and supervision during emergencies.

The JCCNV also employs additional security personnel for public events, programs at our main location in Fairfax and at offsite programmatic locations when deemed necessary by JCCNV leadership. The JCCNV continually reviews its security procedures and implements new measures as needed.

Every JCCNV staff member is part of our security team. We ask our community to strengthen our efforts by being alert to anything that appears suspicious by reporting their observations to a staff member.

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