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Programs in the Health, Fitness & Aquatics Department meet the needs of individuals of all ages and levels of ability. Click below to learn more.

About the Health, Fitness, and Aquatics Department

The Health, Fitness & Aquatics Department is partially underwritten by the following funds:
HFA Fund, Stephen Reich Endowment Fund, Goulde-Kamen Endowment Fund

The focus of the Health, Fitness and Aquatics (HFA) Department can be seen in the array of interactive fitness and physical educational programs offered for people of all ages (preschool-age to adult). The department creates opportunities for individuals to get healthy and fit, meet and make new friends, and encourage and support individuals to begin and/or continue their fitness journeys. The HFA department offers a wide-variety of health and wellness opportunities including a lifestyle and weight management program, women’s basketball league, youth leagues, cycling and running clubs, group exercise classes, personal training, swim teams, and senior strength training.

The HFA facilities are open seven days per week, for a total of 104 hours. On a weekly basis, the department offers more than 40 group exercise classes, more than 40 personal training sessions, 4 preschool sports classes, 12 preschool swim classes, more than 30 private swim lessons, 15 swim team practices, and 3 master swim practices.


“Happiness Depends Upon Ourselves” — Aristotle

By Paula Cole, HFA Director

Source: Cate Scolnik, Life Coach and Sociologist. Known strategist, helping parents raise positive, resilient kids and create families that thrive.

How complex and complicated life has become. Staying in touch used to involve talking to real, live human beings. Now we absorb data through a screen more often than not, checking emails and social media over breakfast and catching up on news headlines before you even hit the shower.

You get so busy rushing around trying to meet everyone’s needs that you lose sight of what’s truly important. Spending time with people you love, organizing a much-deserved weekend away, or doing something you enjoy. Everything else seems so much more urgent and quality time moves to the bottom of the list.

Try some of the following strategies to make life easier by simplifying your life and lightening your load.

1. Question Your Yeses
Reduce the amount of obligations you commit to, whether they’re tasks or social activities.

2. Make a Conscious Decision to Do Less
Force yourself to choose what’s really important, and leave the busywork behind. Busywork is the stuff that fills a lot of our days but isn’t meaningful or significant to our lives, like checking Instagram or Facebook 20 times a day.

3. Know and Nurture Your Strengths
Take the time to understand your strengths, and work toward using them more often. Strengths are the things you do well or that come naturally to you. Maybe you love helping people solve their problems. Maybe you’re great with numbers or paying attention to detail. Focus on what you enjoy doing, what comes naturally, and make an obvious difference to others and the world around you.

4. Know What You Want
Visualize the life you want to lead and work on making it a reality, one day at a time. Establish what your key goal is today, and work on that. You don’t have to work toward achieving everything that you want at once, just one day at a time.

5. Practice Loving Yourself
It’s OK to know your weaknesses and work on minimizing them. Celebrate your achievements, and congratulate yourself on what you do well. Spending more time focusing on your strengths will build your confidence and self-worth.

6. Think About How You’ll Be Remembered
They say, “They don’t read your resume at your funeral.” Steve Jobs is not remembered for his resume. He’s remembered for his traits: determination, creativity, drive, and intelligence. Work out what traits you want people to remember about you, and live your life accordingly.

7. Use a Simplification Lens
Try to figure out what is the simplest, most straightforward way of achieving the results you want. Focus on outcomes rather than standard processes.

8. Go on a Drama Diet
People have a tendency to over-dramatize things, like stressing about your annual performance review, or wondering how you’ll admit a recent mistake to a family member. Don’t worry, we all do this sometimes. Ask a close friend or someone you trust if you are over-dramatizing the situation. Try approaching these events without expectations or preconceived ideas about how they might play out.

9. Know the Difference Between Worry and Concern
A worried person invests a lot of time fretting about something that might happen, but they don’t plan, or do, anything. A concerned person, on the other hand, thinks about the options and the possibilities, builds a logical plan for taking the next step forward, and then takes it. When you’re concerned, you’re uneasy about what might happen, but your plan empowers you. You’ve thought through all the options, and you have a strategy to move forward.

10. Focus on Now
A lot of life’s complications come from future possibilities — things that might happen, or things that might be unpleasant or overwhelming. Sometimes we’re afraid of failure, or success. You can do what needs doing today and nothing more. Have faith that you’ll be ready for tomorrow, or the next day, when it arrives.

11. Pay Yourself First
Not financially but in time. Schedule all the important, personal things you want to attend or achieve. They are key to keeping you happy and productive. Schedule family fun time and long weekends away. Putting the good stuff in before all the obvious obligations will have you looking forward to enjoyable events and help life feel lighter.

12. Pay Attention to Little Moments
Watching children play becomes a collection of little, priceless moments, each lived one day at a time. We need to enjoy the beauty in sunrises, rainstorms, laughing, and talking to each other. Life is about sitting on benches with pleasant views and good company, and sometimes, on great days, for falling in love.

Implementing even a few of these strategies can help you feel good about yourself and enhance your enjoyment
of life.



Healthy habits are a life choice. At the J, we’re looking for sponsors dedicated to supporting the wellness mission through education, programming and awareness campaigns. If you are interested in reaching our community of men and women, individuals and families who choose to live an active lifestyle, please contact for sponsorship and partnership opportunities. 

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