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Programs in the Health, Fitness & Aquatics Department meet the needs of individuals of all ages and levels of ability. Click below to learn more.

About the Health, Fitness, and Aquatics Department

The Health, Fitness & Aquatics Department is partially underwritten by the following funds:
HFA Fund, Stephen Reich Endowment Fund, Goulde-Kamen Endowment Fund

The focus of the Health, Fitness and Aquatics (HFA) Department can be seen in the array of interactive fitness and physical educational programs offered for people of all ages (preschool-age to adult). The department creates opportunities for individuals to get healthy and fit, meet and make new friends, and encourage and support individuals to begin and/or continue their fitness journeys. The HFA department offers a wide-variety of health and wellness opportunities including a lifestyle and weight management program, women’s basketball league, youth leagues, cycling and running clubs, group exercise classes, personal training, swim teams, and senior strength training.

The HFA facilities are open seven days per week, for a total of 104 hours. On a weekly basis, the department offers more than 40 group exercise classes, more than 40 personal training sessions, 4 preschool sports classes, 12 preschool swim classes, more than 30 private swim lessons, 15 swim team practices, and 3 master swim practices.

In 2012, the department received a top rating for a quality health club from the Washington Consumers' Checkbook Magazine. Click here to learn more.

Percent of customers rating firm superior for:

  1. Overall value for your money 85%
  2. Quality/maintenance of facilities and equipment 90%
  3. Cleanliness 90%
  4. Adequacy of facilities/equipment for demand 65%
  5. Quality of instruction 100% (no other club received 100% in this category)
  6. Availability of organized group activities 93%
  7. Friendliness 95%
  8. Providing what the sales staff promised 94%

The Balance of Good Health

Paula Cole, HFA Directorclientuploads/SFA/Paula Cole.jpg

Back in the day, a gym would have been a weight room housing free weights and a selection of hardcore machines. These days, a gym still includes those essential components but also includes a wide range of exercise machines from resistance machines to cardiovascular machines, exercise and stretching areas, fitness instructors on-hand to help out, and personal trainers training clients in the art of progressive and effective exercise.

The balance of good health can be achieved through health and wellness services that nurture the mind, body and spirit. Health is the state of being sound in body and mind, free from physical disease and pain, while wellness accounts for many areas of one’s life, physical health, mental attitude and social relationships.

We help our members achieve that healthy balance through wellness initiatives that complement their daily routines. We are now working more closely with the Adult Services Department and are continuing to provide educational wellness programs and support to the various departments throughout the J.

Your input is critical as we work to reach our ultimate goal — to provide our members with the knowledge, classes and support needed to achieve a healthy balance in their lives. I welcome you to stop by my office, call or email me directly. This will be an exciting and challenging year of programming for the HFA Department in many ways, and we look forward to reaching our goals together.


Healthy habits are a life choice. At the J, we’re looking for sponsors dedicated to supporting the wellness mission through education, programming and awareness campaigns. If you are interested in reaching our community of men and women, individuals and families who choose to live an active lifestyle, please contact for sponsorship and partnership opportunities. 

Fitness & Aquatics

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