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Specialized Fitness Packages

Looking to get better at your current skill? Interested in trying something new? Need to get stronger in a specific area of your body? Our new specialized personal training packages are the perfect choice to refine a skill or improve your strength in a targeted area! In addition to our Sports Enhancement Training packages, we now offer several new packages to meet the needs of all individuals and athletes. All packages are available for members and nonmembers, and can accommodate up to four people unless otherwise stated.


Introduction to Exercise and Fitness

Meet with a certified personal trainer and learn the basics of exercising in a fitness facility. Explore the equipment and exercises for beginners that will be the foundation for your new active life. Fee includes five 45-minute sessions.
Fee: $275/ $225 member
Code: #520


Adults 65+: Assessment Test and Exercise Rx

Designed for adults 65+ who have little fitness knowledge or are new to exercise. This program allows participants to work with a certified fitness coach and includes a fitness evaluation for aerobic capacity, muscle strength, and body flexibility and a personalized fitness plan based on individual test results.
Fee includes evaluation test, workout plan, and three 30-minute sessions with a certified fitness coach.
Fee: $170/ $140 member
Code: #523


Youth Fitness and Wellness

Youth Fitness-Room Training*

11–13 year-olds work one-on-one with a certified trainer. They learn to use the equipment and develop an exercise and training program to improve health, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

*This class is required in order for 11–13 year olds to use the fitness center.
This training is for individuals only, and includes five 45-minute sessions with a certified trainer.
Fee: $275/ $225 member
Code: #524


Sports Enhancement Training

This training is for athletes who want to improve overall athletic development, including speed/acceleration, aerobic capacity/endurance, agility/coordination, explosive power/quickness, muscular strength/stamina, and performance flexibility.
This training includes twelve 60-minute sessions.
Fee per person:
Individual: $1000/ $800 member
Code: #525
Group of 2–4: $550/ $450 member
Code: #526

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