Contacts for Health, Fitness, and Aquatics

HFA Director
Paula Cole

Aquatics Director and HFA Associate Director
Teodora Albu

Fitness Director
Matthew Alvin

Sports and Wellness Director
Elin Kanchev

Exercise and Wellness Coordinator
Keri Drugan

Wellness Assistant
Petya Ivanova

Upcoming Events

Hazon 2013 Cross-USA Ride!

JCCNV Cycle Club joined in.


BASE is the
place to be!

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Join us when school is out for teacher work days, holidays, and during inclement weather when area schools are delayed or closed!

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Summer Camps

Preschool Sports and Wellness

Sunday Soccer with GoldenBoot

LiL’ Boots Program

Ages: 3-4

Gesher Jewish Day School
4800 Mattie Moore Court
Fairfax, VA 22030

The Lil Boots program is specially designed for your little one!  It provides a great introduction to the basic fundamentals of the game and just as importantly, team play. It allows children Ages 3-4 to develop their physical, mental and social skills in a non-competitive environment. The trainers are chosen based on their personality and their ability to work with very young players.
Fee: $145/ $130 member (includes t-shirt). Nonmembers should register directly through Golden Boot Soccer at

Join us for our Spring Soccer Program!

The J has teamed up with Tamir Linhart GoldenBoot Soccer to offer spring soccer programs and leagues for kids ages 3–10 at Gesher Jewish Day School’s newly renovated Bermuda grass field. The programs are run by GoldenBoot Soccer’s professional coaches.

LiL’ Boots 4x4 League
Ages: 5–6
The Lil’ Boots League offers the best of both worlds; professional know-how demonstrated through carefully selected developmental activities and the opportunity to allow the game to be the ultimate teacher.  With no score kept, the focus is on individual development, confidence building, and allowing each child the opportunity to come into their own as young players. The program consists of 30 minutes of skill training by professional soccer coaches and 30 minutes of league play.

Player Development
Ages: 7–10
The first step to becoming a complete soccer player is a solid technical base, especially for ages 7-10. This window in any young player’s development is by far the most crucial — and for this reason alone requires very specifically designed training. Players learn through close interaction with professional trainers, instructional demos, footwork training and dynamic activities proven to create healthy soccer habits. 
Fee:  $145/ $130 member
 (includes t-shirt)
Nonmembers should register directly through GoldenBoot Soccer at
Lil’ Boots (3-4): #5849
Lil’ Boots 4x4 (5-6): #5850
Player Development (7-10): #5851

Specialty Classes

All children must be 3 years old as of September 30, 2014 in order to enroll in most specialty classes. Children attending the JCCNV preschool must be enrolled in the 3 year old program and fully potty-trained. Please check class descriptions for age requirements. All children are picked up from their classrooms at 1:10pm.

Classes run from 1:20pm–2pm on Side B of the gymnasium.  

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Monday Classes

Macca-Beenie Soccer

Ages: 4–5

Participants may think they’re just having fun playing games, but they are improving their movement; exploring dribbling, passing, shooting and trapping; as well as learning game tactics, goal tending, good sportsmanship and teamwork. Class minimum 6; maximum 12

Session I
January 5–26 (3 weeks)
(no class Jan. 19)
Fee:    $54/ $48 member 
Code:  #5734 

Session II
February 2–23 (4 weeks)
Fee:    $72/ $64 member 
Code:  #5735 

Session III
March 2–23 (4 weeks)
Fee:   $72/ $64 member 
Code:  #5736

Session IV
April 6–27 (4 weeks)
Fee:   $72/ $64 member 
Code:  #5737

Session V
May 4–June 8 (5 weeks)
(no class May 25)
Fee:   $90/ $80 member
Code:  #5738

Tuesday Classes

Martial Arts
Ages: 3–5

Participants will learn the basic foundations of Karate. This class teaches kids proper form, self-control, respect, body awareness and the basic foundations of kicks, punches and blocks. Children earn belts after attending 5 classes and demonstrating learned skills, respectfulness, and good behavior. Classes taught by instructors from Kaizen Karate.

Session I
January 6–27 (4 weeks)
Fee:   $72/ $64 member
Code:  #5739
Session II
February 3–24 (4 weeks)
Fee:  $72/ $64 member
Code: #5740  

Session III
March 3–24 (4 weeks)
Fee:   $72/ $64 member
Code:  #5741

Session IV
April 7–28 (4 weeks)
Fee:   $72/ $64 member
Code:  #5742

Session V
May 5–June 9 (6 weeks)
Fee:   $108/ $96 member
Code:  #5743

Wednesday Classes

Sports Blast!
Ages: 3–5

This exciting class will teach students a variety of team sports. Each week we explore different sports and practice fundamentals, body movements, and play a fun and non-competitive game.

Session I
January 8–29 (4 weeks)
Fee:   $72/ $64 member
Code:  #5744

Session II
February 5–26 (4 weeks)
Fee:   $72/ $64 member
Code:  #5745

Session III
March 5–26 (4 weeks)
Fee:   $72/ $64 member
Code:  #5746

Session IV
April 9–30 (4 weeks)
Fee:   $72/ $64 member
Code:  #5747

Session V
May 7–June 11 (6 weeks)
Fee:   $108/ $96 member
Code:  #5748


Friday Classes

Tumbling Tots (taught by Power Tots, Inc.)

Ages: 3–5

Turn, flip and roll! Learn to walk on a balance beam, do a forward roll and bounce on a trampoline. This is your child’s first step toward becoming an Olympic gymnast! Build strength, confidence and sportsmanship through structured preschool gymnastics training. Classes taught by Power Tots, Inc. Minimum 8; maximum 12 participants.

Session I
January 9–30 (4 weeks)
Fee:   $72/ $64 member
Code:  #5749
Session II
February 6–27 (4 weeks)
Fee:   $72/ $64 member
Code:  #5750

Session III
March 6–27 (4 weeks)
Fee:   $72/ $64 member
Code:  #5751

Session IV
April 17–May 1 (3 weeks)
Fee:   $54/ $48 member
Code:  #5752

Session V
May 8–June 12 (5 weeks)
(no class May 22)
Fee:   $90/ $80 member
Code:  #5753