Contacts for Health, Fitness, and Aquatics

HFA Director
Paula Cole
(703) 537-3049 

Aquatics Director and HFA Associate Director
Teodora Albu
(703) 537-3053 

Fitness Director
Matthew Alvin
(703) 537-3050

Sports and Wellness Director
Allison Colman
(703) 537-3052

Exercise and Wellness Coordinator
Keri Drugan
(703) 537-3028

Wellness Assistant
Petya Ivanova
(703) 537-3055

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JCCNV Cycle Club joined in.


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To register for babysitting, please call the JCCNV Front Desk at (703) 323-0880 at least 24 hours, but not more than 48 hours in advance. For more information, please contact Paula Cole, (703) 537-3049.

Fall, Winter & Spring Babysitting

Effective September 2–June 27
Ages: 6 months and older
Monday–Friday, 9am–11:30am
Maximum 1.5 hours per child per day

Parents must register through the front desk at least 24 hours, but not more than 48 hours, in advance. Drop-ins accepted on a space-available basis. Adult-to-child ratio is based on Virginia Day Care licensing requirements: one adult to five children when ages are two or older, one adult to four children when ages are younger than two years.
Fee per 1/2-hour: $1.50/ Free for member