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The JCC of Northern Virginia (the J) offers childcare services to members who are using the facilities or attending a program between 8am–noon. Children must be between the ages of 3 months and 10 years. The t.l.c. supervision room is located on the lower level across from Pod 1.

Hours of Operation:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9am-11am

Payment Method:

Parents may purchase the following packages from t.l.c. All services are based on a $2.50/30 minute time frame.
• 20 hours of t.l.c. care: $100
• 10 hours of t.l.c. care: $  50
•  5 hours of t.l.c. care: $  25

Registration and Pricing Options:

All registrations for t.l.c. must be made through Jessica Vandell, School-Age Services Assistant Director, by emailing her at or calling 703.537.3096. Preregistration is required by 5pm on the day prior.  All Sunday reservations must be made no later than the preceding Friday by 5pm.

Initial registration in the program, will require that we have on file for each child an emergency contact, as well as any health-related or allergy notifications.  Registration forms are available at the front desk or by emailing .  All registration forms must be turned into Jessica prior to processing. All payments will be processed through Adi Eilat Crowley, Family Services Accounts Manager. Please contact Adi with any and all payment questions at or by calling 703.537.3077.  

The pricing options are as follows:
• 30 minutes of t.l.c. care: $2.50
• 1 hour of t.l.c. care: $5.00
• 1.5 hours of t.l.c. care: $7.50
• 2 hours of t.l.c. care: $10.00
• Drop-in t.l.c. care: $3.50/30 minutes (on a space available basis)

NOTE: Infants under 16 months are limited to 1.5 hours/day.  All others limited to 2 hours daily.

Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel your t.l.c. reservation, it must be done by 5pm the day prior to free up the space for another family.  Please email to cancel your reservation. As a courtesy, there will be a one-time grace period for cancellations after 5pm.  After this, there will be strict enforcement of a $5.00 per child cancellation fee that will be assessed toward your t.l.c. account.

Drop-In Policy and Fees:

If space in the program allows, t.l.c. will accommodate unscheduled drop-in service for babysitting.  Please contact Jessica for availability if after 5pm the preceding day.  •Drop-in t.l.c. care: $3.50/30 minutes (on a space available basis)

Inclement Weather Policy:

t.l.c. adheres to the following inclement weather policy:

•If Fairfax County Schools are closed, t.l.c. will operate from 9am–noon.
•If Fairfax County Schools have a two hour delay, t.l.c. will operate under normal hours from 8am–noon.
•If weather conditions are such that the building hours are adjusted or closed, t.l.c. may be cancelled for that day. Anyone with a preregistration for that particular day will receive a credit for unused hours toward a different day of care.  There will be no refunds.t.l.c.

Policies and Procedures:

•When entering the t.l.c. supervision room, please connect with our staff member so your child can be checked-in and to confirm your location in the J is accurate.  Please provide any last minute instructions.  You will also be required to sign-out your child when picking-up. 
•You are encouraged to provide a drink or snack for your child. We do not supply snacks. All snacks must be nut-free and either dairy or pareve/meatless as the rules of kashrut observance are followed at t.l.c.
•Please make sure your child has a clean diaper before entering the childcare room. Please leave a diaper bag with extra diapers, wipes and diaper cream (if needed) clearly labeled with your child’s name.
•We will exercise our best efforts in trying to console a child who is crying or upset; however, if we are not able to console the child after 15 minutes, we will locate the parent to come and take care of the child’s immediate needs.
•Please be prompt when picking up your child. If a parent is 5 minutes late, or more, in picking up for his/her reserved time, we will charge the t.l.c. account for the next 30 minutes at $2.50 per child.
•Please make sure that your child is healthy before bringing him/her to t.l.c. A child recovering from an illness must be fever free, diarrhea free and free of vomiting for 24 hours without the use of medications before being admitted into the program.

To download the registration form, click here.