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J Club

For all children in grades 5-7

J Club is designed for children with and without special needs, to provide fun,, social opportunities in a structured, supportive environment for young children. Trained staff assist children in navigating through challenging social interactions and engaging in meaningful relationships. Events will be planned on a monthly basis and will vary from activities within the J to outings in the community.

Event locations will be announced one month prior to the event date.

J Club meets on Saturdays:
December 12, January 9, February 20, March 12, April 9, May 14, June 11


Going Places!

Going Places! Teens: Ages 14–18
Going Places! Young Adults: Ages 18–26
Going Places! Adults: Ages 26+

Sundays, once a month

Contact or 703.537.3040 for more information or to join our events contact list.

The J and the Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA) present a social club for teens, young adults, and adults diagnosed with high functioning autism (formerly Asperger’s syndrome and PDD-NOS). The club provides social opportunities in a supportive environment with guidance from professionally trained staff to help participants improve their social skills and overall comfort in social situations. A variety of outings (including parties, bowling, dinners, miniature golf and museum tours) are scheduled year-round. Events are led by the J's Resource Specialist Melissa Hochberg, M.Ed, and JSSA’s Michal Berkson, LCSW, LICSW.
Fee: $30 per event

Going Places! is partially funded by the Harry and Zoe Poole Foundation.

Social InNOVAtions

For Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) students

Monthly, dates and times – TBA

Contact: or 703.537.3040

The J and JSSA, in conjunction with NVCC, present a social club for college students with any disability. The club provides social opportunities in a supportive environment with guidance from professionally trained staff who work with participants on improving social skills and their overall comfort in social situations. Events may include: games, bowling, book club discussions, parties, and much more!
Fee: $10 per event

This is a joint program of the J, JSSA, and NVCC made possible through a grant by LifeCircle Alliances.


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