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The JCCNV’s Special Needs Committee has launched a book club focusing on books about special needs, non-fictional stories of inspiration, and books related to disabilities to broaden our knowledge. Book club meetings are held at the J every six weeks from 6:30pm–7:30pm prior to the special needs committee meetings.  

Next Book Club meeting

Tuesday, January 24, 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Through A Glass Brightly: A Mother Celebrates Her Autistic Daughter by Mollie Romano.  Mollie will be speaking at this book club meeting! We hope to see you there!


Here is her 5 star Amazon review:


Nikki is a lovely young woman with sparkling blue eyes. She loves to dance and swim. She loves pizza and Coke, and hates eggs and cleaning her room. Nikki is also autistic. Written with unwavering positivity, candor, and courage, Through a Glass Brightly is an uplifting memoir about Molly Romano's adult autistic daughter. The book describes Nikki's experiences in school, in sports, and in various therapeutic settings. It details her love of travel, her close relationships with family members and pets, her enthusiasm for art, music, and dance - and most of all, her amazing capacity for having fun. While many people are unable to see beyond the chilling label of autism, Molly paints a picture of her daughter as a whole person, and dispels certain stereotypes about autistic people - some of which have been created by exaggerated or even totally false depictions of such individuals in films over the years. These cinematic cliches still affect how autistic children and adults are perceived. In chronicling her daughter's life, Molly hopes to spread the word, not only to parents of autistic children but to others, that a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder does not mean a life devoid of fun, happiness, and adventure.

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