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Book Discussion Club

Book Discussion Club

Disabilities Education, Stories of Inspiration, and More!

The JCCNV’s Special Needs Committee has launched a book club focusing on books about special needs, non-fictional stories of inspiration, and books related to disabilities to broaden our knowledge. Book club meetings are held at the J every six weeks from 6:30pm–7:30pm prior to the special needs committee meetings.  

Next Book Club meeting

From Jean...

Hello Everyone!

The Special Needs Book Club is CANCELLED for Tuesday, January 26! Many of us have not been plowed out as yet and with the neighborhood roads and main roads turning icy at night, the best idea is to stay at home safe, warm and snug. Our speaker who lives in Silver Spring, Md. also emailed to tell me he is unable to join us.

To feed those who are starving for another good book to read, the good news is this book selection was made at our December meeting and held for announcement at the end of the January meeting,

The book for our next book club meeting on Tuesday night, March 8 is "An Uncomplicated Life: A Fathers' Memoir of His Exceptional Daughter" by Paul Daugherty

Here is the 5 star Amazon review:

A father’s exhilarating and funny love letter to his daughter with Down syndrome whose vibrant and infectious approach to life has something to teach all of us about how we can better live our own.

Jillian Daugherty was born with Down syndrome. The day they brought her home from the hospital, her parents, Paul and Kerry, were flooded with worry and uncertainty, but also overwhelming love, which they channeled to “the job of building the better Jillian.” While their daughter had special needs, they refused to allow her to grow up needy—“Expect, Don’t Accept” became their mantra. Little did they know how ready Jillian was to meet their challenge.

Paul tells stories from Jillian’s mischievous childhood and moves to her early adulthood, tracing her journey to find happiness and purpose in her adult life, sharing endearing anecdotes as well as stories about her inspiring triumphs. Having graduated from high school and college, Jillian now works to support herself, and has met the love of her life and her husband-to-be, Ryan.

In An Uncomplicated Life, the parent learns as much about life from the child as the child does from the parent. Through her unmitigated love for others, her sparkling charisma, and her boundless capacity for joy, Jillian has inspired those around her to live better and more fully. The day Jillian was born, Paul says, was the last bad day. As he lovingly writes, “Jillian is a soul map of our best intentions”—a model of grace, boundless joy, and love for all of us.

I have read this book, recommend it highly and am looking forward to our discussion. Many of us will find parts of his story similar to our own experiences.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at our next meeting on Tuesday night, March 8 at 6:30pm!

Looking ahead:

Stir: My Broken Brain and the Meals That Brought Me Home

by Jessica Fechtor

Sunday, January 31, 2016, 4pm

We will have the opportunity in January to meet and hear Jessica speak to us through the efforts of Dan Kirsch, JCCNV Cultural Arts Director and the Northern Virginia j.talks- Meet the Author program in partnership with our Special Needs Department. Stay tuned for details.

Questions or comments? Email Jean Gurman.

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