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The JCCNV’s Special Needs Committee has launched a book club focusing on books about special needs, non-fictional stories of inspiration, and books related to disabilities to broaden our knowledge. Book club meetings are held at the J every two months from 6:30pm–7:30pm prior to the special needs committee meetings.  

Upcoming Book Club


The authors of the following books will be here to speak and discuss at our April and June meetings!

" What's the Difference?: A Life with Disabilities but not a Disabled Life" by Gary Gondos who will be joining us at our meeting to discuss his book!

Wednesday, April 19th
6:30pm to 7:30pm
Location: JCCNV
It is our honor to have Gary with us to share the inspirational story of his life, both his struggles and his many accomplishments. 
Here is Amazon's review:
Gary Gondos' life epitomizes his belief that disabilities should not stop people from accomplishing whatever they wish to do. Gary suffered two strokes before he was three years old leaving with him with little use of his right arm and leg. Additionally, the strokes caused significant learning disabilities. Yet, despite all of this, Gary has persistently overcome obstacles in his life. By the age of eight, he regained the ability to walk. Although many said it would not be possible, Gary graduated from high school with his class, and then proceeded to earn his college degree.

Currently, Gary lives independently, works full-time and participates in a variety of activities. Gary's perseverance, his will to succeed and his unwavering positive attitude have been the cornerstones of his innumerable achievements. In this book, Gary shares his inspirational story and helps each of us to see that we are greater than any of the challenges that we may face. Gary also shows us that regardless of how we may look on the outside we are all much more similar than we are different.

Questions or comments? Email Jean Gurman.

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