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Amy Brinko

Accounts Manager
Adi Eilat Crowley

Early Childhood Services
Fairfax - JCCNV

Amy Vermillion

Early Childhood Learning Center Director
Amit Hickman

ECLC Program Coordinators
Laura Cooper

Kelsey Lanza

Jewish Values and
Culture Coordinator

Debbie Blonder

ECS Programming and
Events Coordinator

Juliana Quinteros-Mian

Early Childhood Services
Alexandria - Beth El Hebrew Congregation

Dina Backer

Early Childhood Learning Center Assistant Director
Ali Kerlin

School-Age Services & Camp Achva

School-Age Services Director
Joelle Kelenson

School-Age Services Assistant Director
Jessica Vandell

School-Age Services Coordinator
Conor Dibble

Camp Achva Director and Teen Community Liaison
Brian Grossbard
703.537.3041 program

Barri DeFrancisci

Dance Coordinator
Brenda Forsley

Community Engagement

Community Engagement Director
Laurie Albert

Community Engagement Coordinators

Samantha Brown

Jennifer DeAngelis

JCCNV Community Shlicha
Dana Kalishov

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Enrichment Classes

In addition to its wide-range of activities, the BASE program also offers a variety of enrichment programs and classes. From sports to private music lessons and academic enrichment classes to cooking courses, for an additional fee, your child can choose the subjects that most interest them. Each season, we offer new and exciting enrichment subjects. For information about our fall classes, read on! This winter we will offer Krav Maga for Kids, LEGO® Minecraft, Secret Agent Science Lab, iMovie Innovators, and Acting and Improv. Spring subjects will include Yoga for Kids, Superhero LEGOs®, Storytelling through Technology, Chess, Cooking and Sensational Science. All of our enrichment programs and classes are offered in-house, which means no extra driving for you! We’ll take care of escorting the children to and from each activity.

All of our enrichment classes are open to all school-age children, regardless of whether or not they are enrolled in the BASE program.

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Private Music Lessons

Contact:, or 703.537.3091
30-minute music lessons are available for kindergarteners through adults. Before registering, please contact Joelle to arrange a time slot. Schedule subject to change.
Fee per lesson: $45/ $32 member

Violin and Viola
Monday lessons available.

Monday-Thursday lessons available.

Guitar, Ukulele
Monday-Thursday lessons available.

Dates and Times TBD.


Enrichment Classes

Private Music Lessons
30-minute music lessons are available for kindergarteners through adults. Before registering, please contact Joelle to arrange a time slot. Schedules subject to change.
Fee per lesson: $45/ $32 member

Violin and Viola
Monday lessons available.

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday lessons available.

Guitar, Ukulele
Monday–Thursday lessons available.

Dates and Times TBD.

Wind Instruments
Dates and Times TBD.

BASE Spring Session Enrichment

Contact:, 703.537.3091

Yoga for Kids
Grades: K–6
Mondays, April 20–June 15 (8 weeks)
(no class May 25)
Offered by Excel Into Action, Yoga for Kids in grades K–6 helps students to develop their focus, flexibility, strength, and coordination through a variety of yoga poses, stories, music, sing-alongs, drawings and games. These classes enhance energy while teaching children how to remain calm and centered. Children learn basic yoga movements in a fun, relaxed setting, which always promotes doing their personal best in a non-competitive environment. Other benefits of yoga include increased patience, posture, confidence, and self-esteem. Poses are learned individually, with partners, and in groups. Yoga Kid instructors may be certified through one of many yoga organizations and receive further training by Excel Into Action certified yoga Kids instructors.
Fee:  $170/ $120 member
Code:  #5771  

LEGO® Construction
Grades: K–6
Mondays, April 20–June 15 (8 weeks)
(no class May 25)
Dig into engineering with big trucks, construction vehicles, and super machines. Explore the engineering terms, concepts, and vocabulary behind large-scale building machines. Build and learn about steamrollers, bulldozers, wrecking balls, tower cranes, and more while playing with your favorite building system: LEGO®!
Fee:  $200/ $150 member
Code:  #5772 

Grades: K–6
Tuesdays, April 21–June 9 (8 weeks)
All who are hungry should come and eat! Learn how to chop, dice, slice, mix, and blend ingredients to make staple dishes and desserts! Students will work together to read recipes and create foods that will tingle the taste buds. This a culinary adventure you surely won’t want to miss!
Fee:  $225/ $175 member
Code:  #5773

Grades: K–6
Wednesdays, April 22–June 10
(8 weeks)
Chess is a fun, informative and challenging game. Come learn many important life concepts, such as the ability to win graciously and accept defeat with dignity and sportsmanship. Students will be divided into groups according to their chess experience. At the end of this session, each student will have had the chance to participate in a mini-chess tournament.
Fee:  $225/ $175 member
Code:  #5774

Grades: 2–7
Thursdays, April 23–June 11 (8 weeks)
There are numerous ways to share your creative ideas without paper and pencil! In this class, children will use the iPad, apps, and other multi-media tools to tell innovative stories — digitally! During the 8-week class, students will produce fictional stories using different digital platforms — such as a claymation app, a movie maker, digital book and animation creators, and photo story apps. Children will be so engaged and having so much fun, they will not even realize the important skills they will be building for their future!
Fee:  $225/ $175 member
Code:  #5775

Sensational Science
Grades: K–6
Fridays, April 24–June 12 (8 weeks)
In Sensational Science, children will harness heat energy, learn the science behind cotton candy, and explore the properties of both light and color. Your Mad Scientist will experiment with magnets and examine curious optical illusions. Each child will mix chemicals to make their own slime and analyze its properties! Children will get to know their taste buds better and witness a hair-raising demonstration of static electricity! Each hands-on class includes an awesome take-home project and home lab with fun facts and exciting experiments to do with mom and dad.
Fee:  $250/ $200 member
Code:  #5776 

Academic Enrichment

Hebrew Help

Contact:, 703.537.3091
We are pleased to announce the addition of Hebrew language and homework help in our program.

Private Tutoring

Contact:, 703.537.3091
The BASE Program staff understands that every student is unique and learns at his or her own pace. In order to help students successfully advance in their studies, the BASE program offers quality one-on-one academic tutoring. Choose from 30 or 45 minute sessions up to three times a week.
Fee per 30-minute session: $50/ $40 member
Fee per 45-minute session: $65/ $55 member

(formerly JCCNV Dance Academy)

Director: Barri DeFrancisci, 703.537.3037,
Dance Coordinator: Brenda Forsley, 703.537.3057 •
A community school for learning and fun
Ballet | Tap | Hip Hop | Tumbling | Jazz | Modern | Contemporary | Israeli | Cultural | Social is committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment where students of all skill levels can embrace this expressive art form. Our program is based on an appreciation of, and respect for, the art of dance, and strives to instill  confidence and grace in each student. Class & Fee Schedule available at the front desk. Pay in full for the entire year by first day of class and receive a 10% discount is a program of the JCCNV Family Services Department.
For information and to register, please contact our Dance Coordinator,, (703) 537-3057