Contacts for Sports, Fitness, and Aquatics

SFA Director
Paula Cole
(703) 537-3049

Aquatics Director and SFA Associate Director
Teo Albu
(703) 537-3053

Fitness Director
Matt Alvin
(703) 537-3050

Sports and Wellness Director
Allison Colman
(703) 537-3052

Exercise and Wellness Coordinator
Keri Drugan
(703) 537-3028

SFA Staff
Petya Ivanova

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Training Testimonials

“After I retired from twenty-four years of teaching high school English, I wanted to try something that seemed entirely different. I was tired of grading endless essays and trying mightily to extract opinionated literary analyses from tentative students.  Never having been much of an athlete, I began working out with a Personal Trainer at the JCCNV, an endeavor that easily made me the reluctant student. Now, almost four years later, my trainer ignores my whining as I lift heavier weights and speed up a circuit of jumping jacks, walking lunges and push-ups. I am proud of my ability to engage in more aspects of core workouts than I ever thought possible. Concentrating on strengthening my body and increasing my flexibility has become as invigorating as discussing the finer points of a novel.”
-Linda, 69

“For the past two years I have been working with a JCCNV personal trainer to improve my upper body strength and my core flexibility.   My trainer has been attentive and professional in assisting me in achieving my goals.  My upper body strength, as evidenced by my ability to lift dead weights, has increased 30% in the last two years.  My flexibility has shown a marked increase as indicated by my ability to stretch pain free. Of special importance to the success of my training has been my trainer's inventiveness in designing new exercise routines that have been instrumental in my achieving my training goals.”
-Tex, 73   

“Training has been the best way to start my day. The workouts are challenging and fun - the trainer is creative in finding new ways to strengthen my body. It's amazing how much we accomplish in an hour.  I love it!
-Ellen, 49

“I love exercising with Kasha, a trainer at the JCCNV. After 2.5 years of training together, we have become great friends!  Knowing I have a weekly appointment to see her provides me with the motivation to put in the gym-time by myself. I know that if I don’t work out on days without her, I won’t be able to keep up with the workout she has planned for me at our next meeting. She sets reasonable goals that motivate me to work my hardest and it is rewarding to reach those goals. Having worked out with Kasha throughout pregnancy with my second child,  I believe that keeping in shape made my delivery easier and less painful, AND I’ve had an easier time fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans!”