Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia

(703) 323-0880

Contacts for Health, Fitness, and Aquatics

HFA Director
Paula Cole

Aquatics Director and HFA Associate Director
Teodora Albu

Fitness Director
Matthew Alvin

Sports and Wellness Director
Elin Kanchev

Exercise and Wellness Coordinator
Keri Drugan

Wellness Assistant
Petya Ivanova

Upcoming Events

Hazon 2013 Cross-USA Ride!

JCCNV Cycle Club joined in.


Time to register
your infants,
toddlers, preschoolers,
and school-age kids!

J Camps

2015-2016 Early Childhood Learning Center


The Voice

Shabbat Workout of the Month

Each month the Sports, Fitness & Aquatics department creates a special “Shabbat Workout” to engage the mind, body, and spirit. Celebrate Shabbat and rejuvenate from the week with a special mind-body exercise designed to keep your body healthy inside and out. Bring a sense of wellness to your mind, body and spirit every Shabbat at the JCCNV.


3/15: Strengthening your ankles.

1/15: Posture.

12/14: Setting Goals.

11/14: What to bring to a JCC exercise class. 

8/14: Balance.

6/14-7/14: Stretching your hip plexors.

5/14: Alleviating stress and muscle tension.

4/14: Stretches to help keep you pain free.

12/13: Creating a healthy soul and body.

11/13: Breathing Techniques.

10/13: Fitness and Wellness.