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At the J, our members are our family. We hear stories every day about our members accomplishing their goals, taking an adventurous trip, running a 5K, getting together for a healthy play date, or gathering a group of friends together for a bike ride! We’d love to see what you’ve been up to lately, and share it with the rest of our JCCNV family. Send us a photo, video or story from your latest adventure and we’ll feature it on our website! For more information, or to submit your stories, contact

Melanie Bakaysa, Ilana Gamerman, Margery Van Vleet, Colleen Maguire, and Joe Kasimer (not pictured)

On June 29, JCCNV friends and fitness center regulars, Melanie, Ilana, Margery, Colleen, and Joe, participated in the Montclair Triathalon in Montclair, VA. The Sprint triathlon included a 750 meter swim, 12.5 miles bike,  and a 5k run. Here's how they placed:

  • Melanie Bakaysa (trained by JCC trainer, Kasha Williamson) placed 10th overall
  • Ilana Gamerman (trained by JCC trainer, Kasha Williamson) placed 6th in her age group
  • Margery Van Vleet placed 17th in her age group
  • Colleen Maguire place 14th in her age group
  • Joe Kasimer (not pictured) placed 2nd in his age group



Tammy Cohen and Jodi Pick

Avid runner, Tammy Cohen and "best bud" Jodi Pick ran the George Washington Parkway 10 Mile run on Sunday, April 13. Tammy and Jodi are seen regularly here at the Center for group exercise classes, workouts, swimming and more. A true testament to living a healthy lifestyle!


Tammy Cohen and Ilana Gamerman

Tammy Cohen, winner of our recent Big Shlep competition, set out with a goal — to complete a half-marathon before her next birthday. Having never run a half-marathon before, Tammy and her sister Ilana, trained every day – many of which were spent running on the treadmills in our Fitness Center.

On March 15, race day, even though neither sister knew what to expect or how hard the course would be, Tammy and Ilana both felt confident in their training as they approached the starting line. As the starting pistol was fired, the two women took off. Filled with adrenaline, excitement, and determination, they made an unexpected decision as they neared the finish line — to go “the extra mile” and run the full 26-mile marathon. Tammy finished the marathon with a time of 4:18:25 and gushed, “It was so awesome!  We were just thrilled to be able to run the whole thing and not walk it at all. It was the best feeling to cross that finish line and have run a marathon.”



Harriette Kinberg

Harriette is one of our avid JCCNV group exercise members.  She takes Sculpt & Shape, Cardio Dance, Zumba and many more.  She said, “Thanks to group exercise classes, I felt stronger and more confident kayaking off Tilghman Island, MD this year.”  Her is a picture of her on the kayak enjoying a great time.



Lindsay Laiks

clientuploads/SFA/lkl bike Luray tri.jpgOne of our student members, Lindsay Laiks, participated in her first Olympic distance triathlon at age 17.  The race was held in beautiful Luray, VA, and had approximately 1,100 participants. She won second place in her age group. She trained for the race for about six months, which included learning how to swim this year.


Tammy Cohen, Jarla Ulman, Lorraine Fischer and Jodi Pick

clientuploads/SFA/Hazon Cross USA 2013 (2).jpgOn Thursday August 15, JCCNV Cyclists joined the Hazon Cross-USA Ride, a nine-week cycling adventure covering 3400 miles through 14 states covering 66 miles a day in 50 cycling days.  The ride is semi-supported, with luggage transport, meals, and accommodations provided. Along the way, they learned about sustainability in America in both their transportation and food systems, and they visited nearly two dozen Jewish communities.





Rita Fishbein

clientuploads/SFA/Me at Gullfoss the Golden Waterfall.JPG

Rita Fishbein has been a member of our SST classes since 2008.  This summer she went on a 5 day trip through Iceland. She saw many waterfalls, geysers, quiescent volcanos and geothermal areas. She even went swimming in the Blue Lagoon located in the middle of a lava field.  This picture is of her at Gullfoss, the Golden Waterfall.


Dan and Susan Burke

clientuploads/SFA/Susan and Dan Burke 2.JPGDan and Susan Burke have been members of the JCCNV for years - Dan takes Senior Strength Training classes, competes in our annual Big Shlep Walk-A-Thon contest each spring, and spends a good part of his week working up a sweat on the treadmill. Susan works with a JCCNV personal trainer, takes our Cycle-Spin classes and has started training for her first triathlon! In June, Dan and Susan spent some time exploring the beautiful scenery of Utah, where they enjoyed hiking in Arches National Park also known as the "Red Rock Wonderland." Their active lifestyles and the programs they participate in at the JCCNV help to keep them in shape to be able do the things they love! 


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