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A Note from Paula

by Paula Cole, HFA Director

Recipe for Creating New Habits

Combine a pinch of motivation and a handful of enthusiasm, add a little practice, and garnish with some self-belief.

Now that we have the main ingredients for creating new habits, how do you integrate them into your normal day so they become part of your daily routine? Always focus on getting better, not being perfect. Making conscious decisions of establishing new habits is the best way to increase your chances of sticking with your resolutions through the year and beyond.

If you’re looking to make big changes and achieve challenging goals, you should approach your task with calmness, curiosity, and willingness to learn and improve in small steps.

Five steps for making habits part of your routine:

If you don’t believe in your own abilities, you’ll never reach your goal. Tell yourself that you can (and want) to do this and that you’re able to learn new things.

Lesson Plan
Be your own teacher and draw up your own lesson plan for creating new habits.

Practice, practice, practice
If we do something over and over again, eventually it becomes automatic and routine. Make sure to set a time in your lesson plan every day to work on your new habit.

Give yourself feedback on how you are doing. Schedule a few minutes every day (preferably in the morning and in the evening) and ask yourself how you’re doing. Are things going well? Should you think about if there might be a better way to maintain your new habits?

It takes about 30 days to instill or change a new daily habit. Don’t give up after a week! Our brain needs time to adjust and accept the new routine; stick with it at least 30 days. Afterwards, it will be almost automatic.

Remember to always believe in yourself, and to not be too hard on yourself. There can be setbacks when establishing new habits and goals. Give yourself a break, hang tough, and don’t get discouraged. As long as you stick with it, you’ll accomplish your goal.


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