Contacts for Sports, Fitness, and Aquatics

SFA Director
Paula Cole
(703) 537-3049

Aquatics Director and SFA Associate Director
Teo Albu
(703) 537-3053

Fitness Director
Matt Alvin
(703) 537-3050

Sports and Wellness Director
Allison Colman
(703) 537-3052

Exercise and Wellness Coordinator
Keri Drugan
(703) 537-3028

SFA Staff
Petya Ivanova

Upcoming Events

Hazon Cross-USA Ride!

Show your support at the 4th Annual JCCNV Cycle Fest on Sunday, September 8!


Join. Commit. Come Get Fit!

Group Exercise Classes!


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Lifestyle & Wellness

The JCCNV Sports, Fitness & Aquatics staff hosts monthly wellness programs and information sessions designed to engage, educate and motivate members to adopt healthier lifestyles. Each month features a different program, event, or publication that will shine light on an aspect of social, emotional, occupational, physical, intellectual, environmental or spiritual wellness.

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The JCCNV Sports, Fitness & Aquatics staff is looking for sponsors dedicated to supporting the wellness mission. If you are interested in learning more about future wellness programming or partnering with the JCCNV to help sponsor these programs, please contact Allison Colman at or (703) 537-3052.