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Adult Programming Director
Carla Rosenfeld

Community Engagement

Community Engagement Director
Laurie Albert

Community Engagement Coordinator
Jennifer DeAngelis

Community Engagement Coordinator
Jennifer Kanarek


JCCNV Community Shaliach and
Jewish Agency Israeli Fellow to Hillel at GMU
Ido Rakovsky

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The JCCNV, JCCGW and DCJCC Presents:

Metro DC Women's Trip to Israel

October 19-30, 2014

This special journey for women will view Israel through a female gaze.

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Summer Camps

Shabbat at the J

New this year, the JCCNV has implemented programming specifically designed to help individuals and families engage in meaningful Shabbat experiences. It is the Center’s vision to help inspire Jewish journeys and to help provide opportunities for you and your family to create, or enhance, your Shabbat routines.


Discussion Group: Ethical Issues in the Torah

Saturdays (ongoing), 3pm–4pm

Facilitator: Rabbi Baruch Rock

Come learn and discuss ethical issues raised by the week’s parsha (Torah portion) in this stimulating discussion group. Participants are encouraged to bring their own copy of the Torah, to read along and use for taking part in the dialogue.
Fee: Free
RSVP:, or (703) 537-3060
Note: The Shabbat Re-Visioned sessions listed below will replace the discussion group sessions from February 1–15 and March 29– April 12. Please see below for details.

Shabbat Re-Visioned: Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken

Saturdays, March 29–April 12 (3 weeks), 3pm–4pm

Facilitator: Rabbi Baruch Rock

No experience with text is necessary, just a desire to explore some amazing ideas! The supposed Judeo-Christian ethic of “subduing and ruling” over the earth is a gross (and disastrous) misreading of the central creation narratives. In this session we will explore, and re-envision, the revolutionary ideas presented in the opening texts of the Torah. Through our exploration, we will come to understand the splendor of our individualidentities, the rewards for authentic selfexpression, and the joy of knowing that these assertions are the very heart and soul of an empowered existence.

Texts to be covered include: The Torah’s two separate creation narratives (along with various Midrashim), with specific focus on the description of the creation of grasses and trees, the sun and the moon, the Garden of Eden, and Lech Lecha (the beginnings of Avraham and Sarah’s journey).
Fee: Free
RSVP:, or (703) 537-3060


Shabbat Expression through Film

"Igor and the Cranes’ Journey"

clientuploads/2014 Film Festival/igor and peter in marshes cc.jpg

Saturday, March 22, 4:15pm

Contact: or (703) 537-3075

Join us on a journey of wonder and learning as we watch Igor and the Cranes’ Journey. This film, best suited for ages 10 and up (with parental guidance), tells the story of young boy on his journey of Aliyah (migration to Israel). After the film, stay for a short discussion and community Havdallah service. Children 9 and under will find their own way to express themselves on Shabbat through song and crafts.

All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Please register in advance at the JCCNV.

Shabbat Dinner

Friday, April 25

Bring your family and friends and join the community for a festive Shabbat dinner.