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The Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia (JCCNV) provides a unique visual arts directory which includes listings of United States and Israeli Jewish artists and fine art, crafts and Judaica. The Directory gives artists the opportunity to reach the more than 3,000 monthly visitors through our website. The JCCNV Fine Arts department supports and encourages the development of Jewish Artists and/or Jewish Arts and facilitates the integration of Israeli arts to build communities.

From photography to glass sculptures, still life paintings to hand-crafted wood pieces, decorative rugs to pottery, you’re sure to find something in our directory. Whether you’re an art collector or you purchase art for special occasions, please support Jewish Artists and Art.

Artists and/or suppliers who would like to be listed in the directory, please click the links to review the criteria and to submit your listing. With more than 3,000 visitors to our site each month, our directory is a great way to introduce your art to the Jewish community and beyond.



Fran's work is polymer clay on fabric-covered canvas intended to be hung on a wall. Many pieces are sculptural in the nature of a bas relief.

Varda Avnisan was born in Israel and grew up in Jerusalem. Her work is influenced by abstract art, tile and tapestry work of the Mediterranean. Varda focuses on the exploration of color and design as expressed in the light and architecture of Israel. "I approach glass as a language: its luminescence and transparency, volume and weight, and qualities of light and shadow are elements I use in translating the visual and sensual realities around me."

Classic Rug Collection specializes in high-end custom rugs; over 80% of our rugs are one of a kind. Use your design or have us design a rug for you. Our rugs are hand-made of natural fibers: N. Z. wool, silk, pashmina, hemp, linen, nettle, and banana silk. Our quality is unsurpassed: no one else in the US offers hand-knotted rugs from Nepal in 300 knot silk. Rugs come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes, usually at no extra charge. Full-service delivery and installation using our highly qualified installers. Very competitive pricing. Outstanding Design. Highest Quality. The Ultimate in Personal Service.

Luminous, colorful, long-lasting paintings of Jerusalem and other sites in Israel. We use the highest quality archival papers and inks.

I started my artistic career as a printmaker, now turned potter for the last 25 years, beginning my experiences in Israel, where I lived and worked for 18 years. I have benefited from so many venues, including travel to foreign countries, a joy!

My hand printed wall figures explore archetypical forms and are strongly influenced by the simple shapes found in the art and craftwork of indigenous cultures. I have an interest in the mysterious stories in which shamans turn into animals.

Valerie Brown worked as an assistant for Salvador Dali and others after completing a photography degree. She has gone on, in an illustrious career, to have her images included in publications ranging from Women’s Wear Daily to People to Time. Brown’s photos are also included in collections around the world.

Beautifully finished hand-crafted wood boxes and furniture. Furniture and boxes can be made in woods or combinations of woods and dimensions to fit your needs. Other styles and custom-designed pieces are available. Contact

Irene is a figurative painter, working in oils, acrylics and drawing on canvas and paper. The human form and Nature are her inspirations; using color and texture of the paint are her methods. Art is her passion and Art education a goal which brought her to the position of Fine Arts Coordinator of the JCCNV in 1996.

Linda Gissen is a nationally recognized sculptor for monumental, functional sculptures and Judaica. She draws from her Jewish heritage in her works that are in the collections of museums, corporate, liturgical and private collections nationwide.

Are you someone who has come through a challenging experience and wants to create a peaceful setting? Would you like more rituals into your life? Do you want to create sanctuary in your home? Would you like talismans to wear that help you keep spiritual feelings throughout the day?

My large drawings explore life forms in various moods and settings. Where I place a figure on the page - whether it is centered, in a corner, or on the side - influences the feeling evoked in the viewer.

An award winning ceramic artist and educator, Susan designs and creates one-of-a kind porcelain & stoneware, both art & functional pottery, in her Annandale, VA “Art Pottery” Studio. Mixed media clay & fiber designs & custom pottery are a specialty.

"Painting with paper" is the best way to express what I do. Papers from all over the world are cut, torn, and layered to create uniquely textured scenes. Acrylic paints and sealants are then used on top of the papers to add variation in color, to bring out textures, and to protect the paper.

For many years Darlene has painted realism in oils before making the change to oriental brush painting.  Studying martial arts for years inspired her to try this medium, which she fell in love with right away. The calming effect of grinding the ink before painting, the energy that is put into throwing ink on paper is just the greatest of pleasures that only this style of art allows her to feel.

I am a ceramic artist working in my home studio in Bethesda, MD. Mad Hatter Ceramics reflects my passion for all things whimsical. I love creating pieces inspired by Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter's Tea Party. My favorite pieces merge form and function - they are artfully designed objects that can be used in everyday life.

Clay is such an amazing material, with inexhaustible possibilities.  I started to hand build and alter my forms, and found another door open to create original shapes.  When I was introduced to raku  and saggar firing, I knew I found my passion. . The play with fire, color, depths and shapes are endless and brings me every time to a new place with new creation and ideas.

It would be difficult to categorize my work according to a specific style, subject matter, or medium. I have found that any chosen subject matter intrinsically demands its own form of expression. My first ‘love’ was painting, and I specialize in figurative and photorealistic painting in acrylics. As my work has become more socially and politically relevant, I have found that combining different art forms allows for the creation of a more complex visual language. I love the freedom which a multi-disciplinary palette provides. My recent exhibitions have included painting, sculpture, installation and video.

Cherie M. Redlinger's artwork tends to focus on life's abstractions. She expresses the feelings she gains from these stimuli in her paintings, monotypes, and photography. Cherie attempts to bring out the beauty of her dreams for freedom, prosperity and happiness.

I am often asked the source of my inspiration. It is an easy answer but often disbelieved. Happiness inspires my paintings...the colors, the energy, the play of asymmetry and balance. When I am happy, relaxed and rested, my paintings form themselves.The work is not political, offers no statement, no defined imagery. Instead, a finished painting is balanced, with multiple layers of materials and colors, evident strokes and energized forms. The art of happiness.

I was born in Brooklyn, NY, and earned a BFA from The Tyler School Of Art.  My work reflects my interest in architecture and the shadows it creates. Also, natural forms and their stories related to life.

Born Jerusalem (1956)
Graduate of Bezalel Art Academy (1979-1983)
Studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence (1985-1986)
Teaching at Jinogly Art Workshop in Jerusalem
Poetry book “Broken Walls” Carmel publishing (1993)
Writes poetry and paints

Lloyd Wolf is an award-winning photographer whose varied work includes much Jewish subject matter. His artwork is featured in numerous international museum and private collections.