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Infant/Toddler Program

For children ages 6 weeks–24 months

Full-time only Monday–Friday, 7:30am–6pm

clientuploads/Early Childhood/Infant2.jpgThe Infant/Toddler Program continues to accept applications on a rolling basis.

The primary goal of our Infant/Toddler Program is to provide each child with the best of care in a clean and nurturing environment. Our staff works to encourage each child in every stage of his or her social and emotional growth as well as to support and strengthen language and cognitive development. The daily routine is set up to provide stimulating experiences for children to learn and explore their environment through their own curiosity. Our Infant/Toddler Program is available from 7:30am-6pm, Monday-Friday.

Infants and toddlers are given individualized care. In the Infant classroom, the children follow their own schedules until they begin their preparation for the Toddler classroom. Once they transition into the Toddler rooms, they begin a more scheduled routine. All programming is developmentally appropriate. The children are stimulated through music, songs, language and interaction. They are provided with a variety of safe toys in order to stimulate growth and provide learning opportunities. The teachers provide nurturing, sensory experiences and physical contact through holding, rocking, talking and singing. The teachers follow an emergent curriculum and design the projects and themes on the children’s interests and ideas.

New Baby On The Way?
If you already have a child in the JCCNV Early Childhood Program, make sure to notify the Early Childhood staff as soon as possible so we can reserve a spot according to your due date!


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We believe that parents are part of our team! Effective and ongoing communication between parents and staff is extremely important in providing quality care and wonderful experiences for children. Parents will receive a daily feedback sheet that includes eating, toileting, sleeping and other important information. Parents will also be able to access their child’s classroom website for pictures and additional classroom information and reminders.


Infant seats, low tables and chairs are provided when eating. Babies are either held or sit in bouncy chairs when bottle‐fed until they are able to hold their own bottle.

  • Milk and other perishable items are refrigerated in the Infant class. Items in the Toddler classroom should be sent with an icepack.
  • Non‐perishable foods are stored in child’s lunchbox or cubby.
  • Unused food is refrigerated as appropriate and returned to the parents.


Parents are asked to follow the JCCNV’s kosher policy and send only parve or dairy meals and snacks for their child.

Infant Program Parents provide:

  • Labeled and dated plastic bottles. Sippy cups should be brought in as children begin to use them.
  • Breast milk, formula or milk on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Snacks and lunch which is age appropriate for your child.
  • All food in labeled and dated containers.
  • Feeding utensils (the JCC will provide bibs).

Toddler Program Parents provide:

  • A dairy or parve/meatless lunch. Please send food which your child is able to feed themselves in order to promote self‐help skills.
  • Sippy cups with milk and water (please send with an ice pack).
  • Feeding utensils and bibs.

The J provides:

  • Morning and afternoon snack consisting of two food groups.
  • Water is offered throughout the day.


Each child must have a complete file prior to starting in the Infant/Toddler program. Immunization records need to be updated each time your child receives immunizations. Please inform us immediately of any changes in your child’s health history or of any changes on the Emergency Pick‐Up form.


Children sleep in their own crib or cot (depending on age). The JCC supplies the sheets, which are changed daily or more often, if necessary. Any special transition objects (e.g., blanket, pacifier) are welcome to be sent to the classroom for comforting purposes. Due to concerns about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), children under One Year of age will be placed on their back to sleep and no toys will be in the crib with the child.

Sick Policy

In an effort to keep each child as healthy as possible, the JCCNV adheres to a 24‐hour fever‐free, diarrhea‐free and vomit‐free policy. Additional details can be found in the Parent Handbook upon registration.


Parents supply diapers, wipes, bottles and sippy cups. Please send in two packages of wipes at the beginning of each month. A couple changes of clothing should be kept in your child’s cubby at all times. Please label all clothing, including outerwear, socks and shoes. Please send your child in clothing that they are able to play in!

Teachers and Ratios

The JCCNV Infant/Toddler Program follows the Virginia State Licensing Ratios which states that there must be one teacher for every four infants and one teacher for every five toddlers. The classroom teachers remain consistent throughout the day, with different shifts. There will be between two and four teachers in your child’s classroom. Each of our teachers is a highly qualified professional who loves caring for infants and toddlers.


When children are ready to move to an older classroom, a transition plan is instituted that includes visiting the next classroom and becoming acquainted with the new teacher. Parents are informed in advance when the change of class will take place and when the transition plan will be instituted. Transitions take place during a child’s 16th month of age (depending on space availability) and again prior to turning 2 years of age (depending on space availability and time during the school year).

Waiting List

Upon filling out an application, a $100 non‐refundable deposit is required. Please indicate a specific start date as well as an estimated due date for babies who have not yet been born. Your child will be placed on the wait list based on the order in which your application is received. The Center will contact you two months prior to your preferred start date to confirm your child’s place.

The first month’s tuition must be paid one month prior to your child’s start date to reserve the space. This payment is applied towards your child’s first month of childcare. In the event that your space is the last one available and another applicant wishes to enroll earlier than your start date, you will be given the opportunity to continue to hold the placement and secure your space by beginning tuition payment until your start date or you may choose to be placed on the waiting list for the next available vacancy. As long as your child is 6 weeks of age, you are free to begin using the care you have reserved.

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