Contacts for Arts & Culture

Cultural Arts

Cultural Arts Director and
Jewish Film Festival Director

Dan Kirsch
(703) 537-3075


Dance Academy Director
Chris Dalen
(703) 537-3037

Dance Coordinator and
Administrative Assistant
Brenda Forsley
(703) 537-3057

Fine Arts

Fine Arts Coordinator
Irene Gavin
(703) 537-3063


JCCNV-JAFI Community Shaliach
Ido Rakovsky
(703) 537-3034


Upcoming Events

Cultural Arts at the JCCNV


Preschool Dance Classes

Ages: 2-4

clientuploads/Dance/preschool ballet .jpgDancers focus on learning movement vocabulary and class structure through creative movement techniques and fun movement games. Students who are enrolled in the JCCNV Early Childhood Learning Center are picked up from their preschool classroom prior to dance and brought back to their classroom after class.

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Monday Classes

Toddler Tales and Tutus

Ages: 2–3
Mondays, January 6–June 2
(no class Jan. 20, Apr. 21, May 26)

This is a performance-based course promoting the development of young children’s imaginations and body awareness through interactive storytelling, costumes, crafts, basic ballet, and creative expression.
Tuition: $342/ $304 member
Code: #4522
Performance Fee: $115
Code: #610

Tuesday Classes

Preschool Ballet II

Ages: 4-5

Tuesdays, January 7–June 3
(no class Apr. 15, 22)

Through this introductory, performancebased course, students will explore the structure, vocabulary, and music of ballet, in a fun environment that encourages respect, patience, and creativity.
Tuition: $378/ $336 member
Code: #4523
Performance Fee: $115
Code: #610

Wednesday Classes

Preschool Ballet I

Ages: 3–4 (Must be 3 as of 9/30)

Wednesdays, January 8–May 28
(no class Apr. 16)

Movement games and explorations are the foundation for this performance-based introduction to ballet. Students will learn dance vocabulary, body awareness, and class structure in an active and engaging environment.
Tuition: $378/ $336 member
Code: #4524
Performance Fee: $115
Code: #610

Thursday Classes

Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop

Ages: 4–5 (Must be 4 as of 9/30)

Thursdays, January 9–May 29

(no class Apr. 17)


As a combined performance-based course, students will receive a taste of each dance form. They will explore rhythms of tap, broad movement of jazz, and precision of hip hop, all in one exciting class.
Tuition: $396/ $352 member
Code: #4525
Performance Fee: $115
Code: #610

Friday Classes

Intro to Dance

Ages: 3–5
Fridays, January 10–June 6
(no class Apr. 18)

Students will explore creative movement through music, props, stories, and their imagination, and learn body control and self awareness.
Tuition: $396/ $352 member
Code: #4526
Performance Fee: $115
Code: #610