Contacts for Arts & Culture

Cultural Arts

Cultural Arts Director and
Jewish Film Festival Director

Dan Kirsch
(703) 537-3075


Dance Academy Director
Chris Dalen
(703) 537-3037

Dance Coordinator and
Administrative Assistant
Brenda Forsley
(703) 537-3057

Fine Arts

Fine Arts Coordinator
Irene Gavin
(703) 537-3063


JCCNV-JAFI Community Shaliach
Ido Rakovsky
(703) 537-3034


Upcoming Events

Cultural Arts at the JCCNV

Dance Academy
The Voice

Payment Policies, Fees, and Scholarships


Tuition fees can be found with each class description.
Three options for payment:

  1. Annual Payment, paid in full.
  2. Bi-Annual Payment, paid with registration for fall and spring courses.
  3. Monthly Payments, made through automatic billing of a credit card or voided check.

Please note: Declined or expired credit cards, or returned electronic drafts, will incur a $35 fee.

Associated Fees:
Performance Fee: $115 (includes the first costume and two recital tickets)

Code: #610
Costume Fee (each additional costume): $65
Code: #611

Merit-Based Scholarships Dancers.jpg

At the annual spring recital, two merit-based scholarships are awarded to students who show exceptional passion and promise in the field of dance.

  • Artistry Scholarship: Awarded to an advanced level student who shows exceptional technique and artistry in the field of dance.
  • Tiny Dancer Scholarship: Awarded to a preschool dance student who demonstrates passion and extraordinary promise for dance, and will transition into the JCCNV Youth Dance program in the fall.

Name a Scholarship

Please help to provide positive arts experiences at the JCCNV by sponsoring a scholarship. Commit to fund a scholarship for a minimum of five years, and the JCCNV Dance Academy will name the scholarship after the generous individual or business.

Financial Assistance

Costs associated with a dance education in the Washington Metro Area can be significant. The estimated annual cost for a student to participate in one hour of dance each week averages $1,000. At the JCCNV, we believe everyone should have access to dance. Each year, through generous donations and fundraising events, we are able to provide a few families with tuition assistance. Financial assistance is awarded based on need. Applications are available at the front desk.

Class Etiquette

For safety and total benefit, students must arrive to class on time, dressed according to dress code, and prepared to dance.

  • Students must conduct themselves in a respectful and disciplined manner while at the JCCNV and when representing the Center during events.
  • No candy, gum or food may be brought to class. Water in sealable containers may be consumed in class. Drink breaks, however, will be scheduled by the instructor.
  • Make-up classes must be arranged with the instructor and the Dance Academy Director.
  • Parents must remain outside the class.

Please refer to the Parent Manual for dres scode, guidelines, and JCCNV closings.