Contacts for Arts & Culture

Cultural Arts

Cultural Arts Director and
Jewish Film Festival Director

Dan Kirsch
(703) 537-3075


Dance Academy Director
Chris Dalen
(703) 537-3037

Dance Coordinator and
Administrative Assistant
Brenda Forsley
(703) 537-3057

Fine Arts

Fine Arts Coordinator
Irene Gavin
(703) 537-3063


JCCNV-JAFI Community Shaliach
Ido Rakovsky
(703) 537-3034


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Cultural Arts at the JCCNV

Dance Academy

Dance Academy

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About the JCCNV Dance Academy

The JCCNV Dance Academy is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive learning environment where dancers of all skill levels may embrace this remarkably expressive art form. Our extensive and comprehensive program is based on an appreciation for, cooperation in, and dedication to the art of dance, striving to instill confidence and grace through a fusion of dance training. logo.jpg
The JCCNV are members of the National Dance Education Organization and the Fairfax County Dance Coalition