Contacts for Arts & Culture

Cultural Arts

Cultural Arts Director and
Jewish Film Festival Director

Dan Kirsch
(703) 537-3075


Dance Academy Director
Chris Dalen
(703) 537-3037

Dance Coordinator and
Administrative Assistant
Brenda Forsley
(703) 537-3057

Fine Arts

Fine Arts Coordinator
Irene Gavin
(703) 537-3063


JCCNV-JAFI Community Shaliach
Ido Rakovsky
(703) 537-3034


Upcoming Events

Cultural Arts at the JCCNV

Dance Academy
The Voice

Adult and Cultural Dance Classes

This program is for beginning to intermediate level adult dancers. All classes are taught by professional dance educators who will work with individual students to structure the class around the abilities of the participant. Class cards may be purchased at the front desk or through the instructor.

Adult Dance Class Cards

Single class: $20/ $17 member
Code: #125
5 classes: $100/ $80 member
Code: #123
10 classes: $180/ $150 member
Code: #124

Adult Tap

Wednesdays (ongoing)
(no class Apr. 16, Jun. 4)

For novice- and intermediate-level adult tap students.

Adult Ballet

Mondays (ongoing)
(no class Jan. 20, Feb. 17, Apr. 14, 21, May 26)

For beginner- and intermediate-level adult ballet students.

Make Your Move

Ages: 18+
1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month
January 16–May 15
(no class Jan. 2 or Apr. 17)

Join us in this great movement program that incorporates dance, music, and a whole lot of fun! This program is for adults of ANY ability. You will have the freedom to move to your own beat while maximizing your own individual strengths. This program is run by the JCCNV Dance Academy.
Fee: $80/ $64 member
Code: #4470

Israeli Dance

Ages: 13+
Instructor: Ethan Halpern
Tuesdays (ongoing)
(no class Apr. 15, 22, Jun. 3)

This drop-in cultural dance program incorporates Jewish and Israeli culture through choreographed dances set to modern Israeli music. Mr. Halpern has been offering this popular course at the JCCNV for 20 years. Dances are internationally recognized in most programs. No experience necessary, and registration not required.
Fee: $10/ $6 member/ $5 student
Code: #4564
Pay instructor directly.

Intermediate Line Dance

Instructor: Susan Zuckerman Attas

Tuesdays, 2:15pm–3:15pm

Join a new session of an ongoing line dance class, tailored to the 40s–70s age group. No partners are needed as we all dance in a line to classic rock, contemporary, and country western music. This program provides a fun and high-energy workout while you dance the rock, waltz, rumba, tango, cha cha, country western, and other line dances! If you have prior danceexperience, such as ballroom, you’ll learn quickly!
Fee: $60/ $50 member

Session II: February 18–April 8 (8 weeks)
Fee: $60/ $50 member
Code: #4732
Click here to register online.

Session III: April 29–June 17 (8 weeks)
Fee: $60/ $50 member
Code: #4733
Click here to register online.

Private and Semi-Private Dance Lessons

Private lessons allow for personal attention to the specific needs and goals of each student. We encourage those who seek to improve their skills and abilities at a faster and more thorough pace to take private lessons. Scheduling based on availability.

Private Lessons (30 minutes)

5 lessons: $175/ $150 member
Code: #261/ #260

10 lessons: $310/ $260 member
Code: #263/ #262

Ongoing lessons (24): $600/ $565 member
Code: #4527

Semi-Private Lessons (30 minutes)
(2–3 students of similar ability)

Tuition per student:
5 lessons: $100/ $75 member
Code: #265/ #264

10 lessons: $160/ $110 member
Code: #269 / #268

Ongoing lessons (24): $312/ $293 member
Code: #4893