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In 2014 the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia was selected as one of six JCC’s across the country to pilot Project Welcome Home (PWH), a JCC Association initiative meant to help the agency better assist US servicemen and women, and their families, to re-engage with their communities. The project, steered by the Jewish Welfare Board (JWB) Jewish Chaplains Council, a program of JCC Association, incorporates the needs of veterans, their families, and caregivers, to help ease their way back into the community.  JCCNV has taken this initiative one step further, by hiring a Coordinator for this position.  That is how dedicated we are to your service to our country!

The DC metro area is unique in many ways with regard to the military – we have so many installations that some military deployments could last many tours and still stay in the DC Metro area.  In that regard, that is why Project Welcome Home is such a good fit for this area.  Our mission with PWH is to have a community within the J community – often independent, but still connected with the greater DC area and J family.

Only military families and individuals understand the challenges and excitement with moving every three years, finding common threads within each story. Each move is different and yet the same.  By meeting and forming this PWH community we can help each other and share the excitement as you head off to Las Vegas, Italy, Japan, Korea or Guam.  Changing schools, transporting a pet, finding religious services and schools, and being away from family and friends are all challenges that you face all the time.

If you are interested in reaching out to other military families, please contact Sara Astrow, PWH Coordinator, at [email protected], or 703.537.3046.

Military Benefits Available at the J: click here for more information.


Family Programs of Interest


 Good Deeds Day

Sunday, April 2, 2pm–4pm
Location: Gesher Jewish Day School, Fairfax

We invite our military families to join us at Good Deeds Day to make care packages for our overseas service members who are serving our country. We need volunteers to help make cards and stuff care packages that will make a difference in a soldier’s life! Email Sara for more information.


Looking Ahead

  • Armed Forces Program
  • Chill out with Sundaes and a Saturday swim at the J – enjoy a delicious ice cream bar with lots of toppings, have fun in the pool, and make lots of new friends.
  • Memorial Day Program
  • And more!

Visit for more information or email [email protected]


Links to helpful resources:

Jewish Veterans of America - The "patriotic voice of American Jewry" dedicated to all of America's veterans.

Fort Belvoir Jewish Congregation - For information, call 703-806-3393 or email [email protected].

Jewish Welfare Board - Offers Jewish military resources.

Serving Together Project - Clearinghouse for veterans' resources.

Our Military Kids - Provides scholarships for athletic, fine arts and tutoring to children with parents who are deployed.

National Military Family Association - Focuses on assisting military spouses and families.

National Museum of American Jewish Military History - Documents and preserves the contributions of Jewish Americans to the peace and freedom of the United States, educates the public concerning the courage, heroism and sacrifices made by Jewish Americans who served in the armed forces, and works to combat anti-Semitism.

TAPS - Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. Provides support for bereaved military families.

Jewish Social Service Agency - Provides counseling and mental health assistance.

The Mission Continues - Assists veterans working to help their communities by connecting them with service platoons.

Got Your Six - A nonprofit organization that believes all veterans are leaders who are here to help their own community.

Jews In Green - Provides a tremendous amount of information for Jewish service members. 

For military branch specific organizations please contact [email protected]

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