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Each month this page features a creative writing piece submitted by participants of the Adult Services Department's Memoir Writing Group. Stories and opinions of individuals are not necessarily those of the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia.

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Three Poems

Authored by: Carolyn Bonilla

I am my Mother’s Daughter
I see it more each day
I have her strength,
Her joy in life
Her faith in up above.
So we soar,
She and I,
Our lives so inter twined.
Forever one, forever apart,
I am my Mother’s Daughter.


When Grams goes to Mass
Sitting two rows ahead of her,
There is a PURPLE lady.
Her hair is short – PURPLE
Her eye glasses are large – PURPLE
Her earrings are dangley – PURPLE
Her jacket is leather – PURPLE
Her purse is huge – PURPLE
As are her shoes – PURPLE
Her slacks are corduroy – PURPLE
Oh, my goodness…
Should I tell her, PURPLE is
Our favorite color?

Sleep well’
Sweet child
Warm under covers.
Close those eyes tight,
Morning sun arrives,
Daddy says the password,
“Candy Corn.”
Eyes open, laughter,
A new day begins.

About the Author:         

Carolyn Assunta Godfrey Bonilla was born in New York City, raised in Bergen County, New Jersey and moved with her family to Northern Virginia in her early twenties. While raising four children, she worked towards and received her B.A. degree in Psychology and Certification in Gerontology at Marymount University.
Carolyn worked for twenty-six years at Marymount. The favorite part of her career was assisting veterans and military students in obtaining their educational benefits. Journalism, and later writing, have always been a part of Carolyn’s life. The birth of her youngest grandchild, Madeline, gave expression to her craft with weekly writings sent to Madeline in Colorado. Carolyn enjoys hiking, gardening, reading, and cooking—retirement is pure joy!



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