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Adult Services Department

Adult Services Director
Pam Wiener
(703) 537-3061

Adult Programming Director
Carla Rosenfeld
(703) 537-3060

Lead Adult Group Coordinator
Michele Endick
(703) 537-3065

Adult Group Coordinators
Sheila Budoff
(703) 537-3068

Shelly Rosenstein
(703) 537-3062

New Americans Group Coordinator
Helen Getter

Adult Department Assistants
Susan Dorfman
Marcia Gordon
Sue Olesch

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2012 Positive Aging Fair

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Special Events

Shabbat Re-Visioned: Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken

Saturdays, March 29–April 12 (3 weeks)

Facilitator: Rabbi Baruch Rock

The supposed Judeo-Christian ethic of “subduing and ruling” over the earth is a gross (and disastrous) misreading of the central creation narratives. In this session we will explore, and re-envision, the revolutionary ideas presented in the opening texts of the Torah. Through our exploration, we will come to understand the splendor of our individual identities, the rewards for authentic self-expression, and the joy of knowing that these assertions are the very heart and soul of an empowered existence. Texts to be covered include: The Torah’s two separate creation narratives (along with various Midrashim), with specific focus on the description of the creation of grasses and trees; the sun and the moon; the Garden of Eden; and Lech Lecha (the beginnings of Avraham and Sarah’s journey). Note: These discussion groups replace the ongoing weekly discussion group from February 1–15 and March 29–April 12. No experience with text is necessary, just a desire to explore some amazing ideas!
Fee: Free
RSVP:, or (703) 537-3060