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Thursday, Sept. 18

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Adult Learning Institute (ALI)

Course Schedule

We are pleased to announce the Fall 2014 course schedule for the Adult Learning Institute (ALI).

Located at the JCCNV, ALI is dedicated to offering adults of all ages fulfilling opportunities to continue their lifelong learning in a friendly, intellectually stimulating and inclusive environment. All are welcome. There are no grades or tests, no stress or pressure, just the joy of learning new things, meeting new people from diverse backgrounds, and feeling vibrant, engaged and connected, no matter your age!

The semester will run from Monday, October 6 through Tuesday, December 9.

Register online or mail your completed registration form, available online or at the JCCNV, with payment to: Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia, 8900 Little River Turnpike, Fairfax, VA  22031; or call the JCCNV at (703) 323-0880 and provide a credit card. Registration begins Tuesday, September 2. For convenience, registration will be available in the JCCNV lobby Monday–Friday, September 8–12, from 9am–noon.

Fall 2014 ALI Course Schedule

Special Event
Full- or Half-Day Seminar (Your Choice!) on Iranian-Jewish Culture and History
with Isaac Yomtovian, Author of My Iran: Memories, Mysteries and Myths
Tuesday, October 7
Morning Session: 10am‒1pm   
Afternoon Session: noon‒3pm
Full Day: 10am‒3pm
Instructor: Isaac Yomtovian, M.A., MBA, engineer, developer, and author
Mr. Yomtovian will discuss his experience as a Jewish boy growing up in a religiously diverse neighborhood of Tehran in the years of the Shah. Like the Jews, the Iranians are heirs to a great civilization, with a long history and rich culture. The morning session will focus on the history of Iran, highlighting its fascinating interconnections with Jewish history. Following the morning session, there will be a one-hour lunch break at which participants will have the opportunity to sample traditional Persian foods and desserts. (Mr. Yomtovian will prepare some of the foods for us before the program. If you are interested in observing the food preparation, you may come at 9am.) Please bring a light dairy/parve lunch, but leave room for tasting some exquisite Persian culinary treats! In the afternoon session, Mr. Yomtovian will share his unique perspective on the observance of Jewish holidays, customs and traditions in Iran. Whether you opt for either of the half-day sessions or the full-day seminar, the food component will be included; the afternoon session will begin with lunch, overlapping with the morning session. Copies of Mr. Yomtovian’s book will be available for purchase and signing.
Space is limited! The deadline for registration is Thursday, October 2.
Fee: $56/ $36 member for full-day
        $34/ $24 member for half-day, either morning or afternoon session
Full-Day Session: #5401
Half-Day Morning Session: #5402
Half-Day Afternoon Session: $5403

Maimonides: From Moses to Moses
Tuesdays, October 14‒28 (3 weeks)
Instructor: Maurice M. Mizrahi, Ph.D., retired Defense Department expert on defense technology and arms control, and lifelong Judaism scholar and teacher
According to a popular Jewish saying during the Middle Ages, “From Moses [of the Torah] to Moses [Maimonides], there was none like Moses.” Indeed, Moses Maimonides (Rambam), a twelfth-century Egyptian-Jewish rabbi, philosopher and physician, was one of the greatest and most widely studied Jewish scholars of all time. This three-part series will cover his turbulent life and times and some of his monumental work, including his Mishneh Torah, a comprehensive codification of Jewish law; his Guide for the Perplexed, addressing certain contradictions between philosophy and religion; his thirteen principles of faith (one of which, the belief in the ultimate coming of the Messiah, was often recited by Jews on their way to the gas chambers); his eight levels of tzedakah, and much more. Maimonides was bold and controversial, but profoundly influential, and his legacy still thrives today.
Fee: $36/ $24 member
Code: #5347
Click here to register online.

Exotic Travel Destinations with Sandy and Gail Cohen
Mondays, November 3‒December 1 (4 weeks)
(no class Nov. 24)
Instructors: Sandy Cohen, Ph.D., nuclear engineer and founder of the S. Cohen & Associates (SC&A) consulting firm, and Gail Cohen, SC&A Administrator, both world travelers extraordinaire
Venture off the beaten track with world travel experts Sandy and Gail Cohen and explore these exciting and exotic travel destinations: Bali, Ecuador, Tanzania and Australia. Each week, Sandy and Gail will share a different intimate and fascinating video travelogue adventure, complete with voice-over and music unique to the country. This is a great way to learn about the history, culture, natural beauty and local flavor of each of these ports of call.
Fee: $48/ $32 member
Code: #5404
Click here to register online.

Finding Your Immigrant Ancestors 101
Tuesdays, November 4‒18 (3 weeks)
Instructor: Sharon Hodges, M.A., professional genealogist, researcher and educator
By popular demand, Sharon Hodges will be returning to ALI to teach some general techniques and strategies for tracing one’s roots and locating information about immigrant ancestors. In the first two class sessions, Ms. Hodges will discuss the types of documents that can be searched, including passenger records, naturalization records, and census data, and what these documents really tell us. If students have any of the above materials, or similar documents for their family, they are encouraged to bring them to the first class, and the instructor will explain them. Ms. Hodges will also talk about where to search for ancestors who arrived in other U.S. ports and were not processed through Ellis Island in New York. The third class meeting will cover how to get started with genealogical research, including specifics about where to begin, how to organize a search and keeping track of results, how to interview family members, recommended web sites and other resources, and much more. A significant portion of the third class will also be allocated for specific questions participants may have about their own research.
Fee: $36/ $24 member
Code: #5405
Click here to register online.

From Thoughts on the Afterlife to an Understanding of God
Wednesdays, November 5–19 (3 weeks)
Presenter: John Rybicki, interfaith scholar and scientist
Concepts of the afterlife in Judaism, Christianity and Islam reveal a great deal about how these religions view God. This course examines concepts of the afterlife in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and compare how these reflect each religion’s different understandings and beliefs about God and how God balances justice and mercy, and compassion and punishment.
Fee: $36/ $24 member
Code: #5406
Click here to register online.

The Assistant by Bernard Malamud
Tuesdays, December 2‒9 (2 weeks)
Instructor:  Kay Menchel, B.A. with honors in English and M.A. in English Literature, George Mason University
Participants in Kay Menchel’s Short Stories of Bernard Malamud course last fall were so enthralled that they asked for her to return, and she kindly agreed. Ms. Menchel will continue her analysis of the literary works of Bernard Malamud, this time focusing on Malamud’s highly acclaimed second novel, The Assistant, which was published in 1957. Students are asked to read the book in advance, in order to be able to participate in the discussion and derive the most benefit from the course. The Assistant, published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux, is available in paperback as a bargain book on, and is also readily available in area libraries.
Fee: $36/ $24 member
Code: #5407
Click here to register online.

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